Geelong Animal Welfare Society begins overhaul

Geelong Advertiser; Anthea Cannon   |  October 18th, 2011

GEELONG Animal Welfare Society will be overhauled with the aim to save more than 90 per cent of animals.

GAWS vice president David Cecil yesterday confirmed a new framework for the centre, following the US

“No Kill Equation” policy, would be presented at next week’s board meeting.

But he denied it was the result of the past week of campaigning and public outcry after the release of hidden camera footage from the pound.

The changes include: A MANAGEMENT restructure; THE vet shown in the footage banned from the centre; THREE new board members; BEHAVIOURAL rehabilitation for animals; and GREATER effort to return lost pets.

Under the “no kill” policy animals that are suffering an untreatable illness or injury, or declared as dangerous will still be put down.

The 90 per cent save rate is a huge leap on 2009/10 GAWS figures which showed just 23 per cent of cats were saved and 70 per cent of dogs.

“We’re minimising the number of healthy animals killed it’s a start-up point, it’s not that no animals will be put down because the State Government legislation and council policy on some animals wouldn’t allow that,” Mr Cecil said.

He said the management restructure was about more than the pound manger’s role, which has been heavily criticised by protesters.

“It will involve all aspects, including maybe another layer between the daily operations and the board,” he said.

Mr Cecil was not prepared to comment about whether the vet in the footage was Ian Walter, who stood down as society president in September and who was also the focus of criticism.

Returning lost pets was named in the “no kill’ policy as one of the most overlooked areas in all pounds and Mr Cecil said the new micro-chipping laws would greatly help improve the numbers of happy reunions.

Three new board members elected in September would also help to inject new blood and fresh thinking into the society, he said.

“I watched a lot of (the videos) and they were very distressing. We were working on (issues) prior to this though, we’re not just reacting to the video,” he said.

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3 responses to “Geelong Animal Welfare Society begins overhaul

  1. companionanimalnews

    Actually, nothing prior to the release of the videos was happening other than “denial”…………

  2. Jan Baker

    Marvelous what a little “Camera” can do!!…..

  3. Geoff Birkbeck

    The denial of the use of evidence obtained by unconvential and doubious means is high probility based on legal advice. There maybe an on going matter in relation to this as I believe the Victoria Police are making inquiries currently.

    Maturity and common sence now should prevail and give both GAWS and City of Greater Geelong some time and space to impliament the changes that were called for and the opportunity to furfil that obligation.

    Failure to do so, will support any future legal action taken by a staturary authority. Then the evidence has been obtained legally and factually.

    Now its the time to stop pointing the finger and running off at the mouth.

    Now is the time to support the new structure. Raise some money for new equipement or advertising. If you are good at web development, offer to revamp the web site. Can you use those pointing accusary fingers to hold a mop and bucket, or a paint brush? Offer to organise a working bee one weekend. Form a “twobukawik” club. For 2 dollars a week regular donation, put it towards dry food for the impounds.

    Become “Friends of GAWS” or “PAWS of GAWS” and promote the organisation.

    Offer support for the rangers/local laws officers at City of Greater Geelong. Believe me, they need a hand at times.

    The past is done. Nothing can change history, but what you do now, in the present will have impact in the future.

    Make GAWS shelter a showpiece and model of future contracted council/animal welfare societies a role model for all Australia to see and admire.

    You called for change. You now need show your support. its all up to the community now… that is You.

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