Shelter to cut animal killing

Geelong Independent: Erin Pearson, Oct 21 2011

GEELONG Animal Welfare Society will stop killing animals unnecessarily after a public outcry, according to a board member.

The pledge followed a series of resignations at the shelter, with vice-presidents David Cecil and Mark Osborne following president Ian Walter out the door this week.

Spokesman Mike Bailey said the shelter would now enter a “transitional period” in which it would stop killing animals to “make space”.

The centre would only kill animals deemed dangerous or beyond medical treatment, he said.

“Currently the shelter has a 27 per cent kill rate for dogs and we can reduce that. We want to see more than 90 per cent of animals re-homed,” Mr Bailey said.

“We can’t do this overnight but we’re working with the help of RSPCA ACT and Animal Welfare League of Queensland who have done it.

Both had new management come in and look at what was going on and made positive changes.”

The shelter drew criticism last week over hidden camera footage posted to the internet showing animals medicated and killed. Staff were also shown apparently joking about inhumane practices at the shelter.

More than 150 people attended a Geelong Animal Welfare Reform group protest on Saturday.

Spokesperson Joyce Doherty said the group supported the shelter’s changes.

“A policy that takes out the killing of animals has got to be good.

“We need to have some really inspired and invigorated leaders to see big steps taken.

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3 responses to “Shelter to cut animal killing

  1. Geoff Birkbeck

    The protesters now need to become supporters of GAWS and assist where they can as a group by fundraising, working bees etc and as individuals by becoming financial members, volunteering in may ways.
    The council needs to monitior and audit the contract intensly now.
    City Rangers need to liase with GAWS more actively and DPI and RSPCA need to monitor the processes.
    Key Performance Indicators need to be developed and impliamented. If not met, action needs to be swift. Staff and volunteer training and induction along with easy to follow policies and proecdures need to be developed and introduced.
    This will not take place overnight. It might take a year.

    Make GAWS and the City of Greater Geelong pound contract a showcase for the rest of Australia and the world to see.

    and give them some space… GAWS can grow. Grow into the organisation the community expects and supports.

  2. Michelle

    I agree with the above response. That would be a huge move forward and to do this would be so great for the animals but the community too. GAWS at the moment and in the past is a house of horrors literally, that not one of these animals should ever have had to endure.
    I watched the video that was secretly filmed and i cried so much at the disrespect and lack of care not shown to these animals. These beautiful souls each were special and it upsets me greatly to think of how scared they would have been in that environment.

  3. Helen

    Congratulations to the people of Geelong, hopefully this will be a new era in true animal welfare for GAWS and something that the Geelong community can be rightfully proud of. To those people who believed what was possible and worked so hard to see that it was acheived and are now there working with the animals and supporting the shelter until the transition stage is over….. a big thankyou to each and every one of you!

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