Proposal to standardise dog sales

The Australian; JOHN FERGUSON ; October 25, 2011

DOGS exported from Australia would be microchipped and monitored under a plan to standardise laws governing puppy sales to overseas interests.

Victorian Agriculture Minister Peter Walsh has asked the Gillard government to consider laws requiring the details of exported puppies to be recorded before they were sent from Australia.

He wrote to his federal counterpart, Joe Ludwig, last week to request a review of welfare standards and controls for exporting puppies, many of which are believed to be farmed illegally.

The request came as the Baillieu government prepares a crackdown on illegal dog farms with the threat of tougher penalties and sanctions This will include increased penalties for illegal operations and stronger powers for inspectors.

Microchipping dogs enables authorities to track animals, but the move could complicate trading with some countries.

“The RSCPA and some activist organisations consider the export of puppies into the lucrative overseas market from puppy farming is poorly regulated nationally,” Mr Walsh says in his letter.

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One response to “Proposal to standardise dog sales

  1. Jan Baker

    Well the Baillieu Government has opened a can of worms…..great stuff!! now there could be good news for dogs & puppies….BAD news for puppy farmers….hats off to the Baillieu Governement…..NSW get your finger out & the rest of our Country & bring these laws in….puppy farmers have had it good for too many years…..lets be the voice of the animals!

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