RSPCA (WA) and REIWA launch new pet lease agreement

News from RSPCA website
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 Tim Mayne

A new pet lease agreement is being launched to address the lack of pet-friendly rental accommodation in Western Australia.
The Real Estate Institute of Western Australia has joined forces with RSPCA in a bid to help those with pets who may be seeking rental accommodation.
REIWA Property Manager’s Network, Michelle Aslander, said more and more people are keeping pets for companionship or security and this includes those people who rent.
“REIWA property managers are keen for their landowners to consider to people with pets, and our new pet lease agreement should help with that outcome,” Ms Aslander said.
RSPCA WA spokesman Tim Mayne said the lack of pet friendly accommodation was the second biggest reason as to why people surrendered their animals to the RSPCA.
“If we can find ways to give more reassurance to landowners so they are comfortable and confident about taking on pets, then we can greatly reduce the number of pets that are surrendered to RSPCA or abandoned to the streets,” Mr Mayne said.
Ms Aslander said that landowners were understandably concerned about possible damage, but can now require a $260 pet bond from tenants with pets and any further expenses caused by a pet must also be paid by the tenant.
“Once landowners understand that pet owners are totally responsible for their animals, they tend to feel more relaxed about them. If damage occurs they won’t be out of pocket, especially if the tenant has signed this pet lease agreement.”
RSPCA spokesman Tim Mayne said that most pet owners were responsible guardians and greatly appreciated landlords who were understanding and supportive.
“This pet lease agreement is a great step forward and helps spell out the responsibilities for pet owners and will hopefully provide many more opportunities in the rental market for those people who really do take care of their animals,” he said.
If landlords would like further information about the new pet lease agreement they can contact REIWA on (08) 9380 8222.

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2 responses to “RSPCA (WA) and REIWA launch new pet lease agreement

  1. Sonia Trichter

    I am part of a rescue group in Tweed Heads, many of our rescues are because of rental properties that are not pet friendly. It would be great if the WA president could be duplicated nationally.

  2. Jan Baker

    Yes there should be more pet friendly renting ….but why should renters have to pay for the privelage of owning a pet when there is more damage done by irresponsible people with children. ….do they pay the landlord extra for their children…..children are no different to pets….if you bring them up the right way to respect their property & other peoples property then there should be no need for people to pay extra for their pets… all comes back to WHO rents a property!

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