New laws for WA cat owners; KATIE ROBERTSON; PerthNow; November 02, 2011

CAT owners will now have to sterilise, microchip, and register their pets after legislation was passed in State Parliament today.

But they will have two years before having to comply with the new laws – the first in the state to deal with domestic cats.

Local Government Minister John Castrilli said the Cat Act would help reduce the number of unwanted cats euthanised each year in WA.

“The new Cat Act then gives local governments the power to deal with owners that are not responsible, including cat hoarders, and with cats that are not owned,” Mr Castrilli said.

“In essence, the legislation will make way for better management of the unwanted impacts of cats on the community and the natural environment, causing nuisance and damage to property.

“It also provides for the reunion of cats with their owners.”

Mr Castrilli said most people already did the right thing, but the legislation would bring a comprehensive approach to cat control.

“Ninety-three per cent of WA cat owners sterilise their cats and for these people the legislation will make little difference,” he said.

Cat owners be required from November 1, 2013, to comply with the new legislation, with a phase-in period starting on November 1, 2012.

The Conservation Council of WA has welcomed the new cat control legislation, saying feral cats are some of the most destructive introduced pests to native wildlife.

CCWA spokesperson John McCarten said any move by the Government to limit the number of cats escaping into the wild and breeding was welcomed.

“The vast majority of cat owners already act responsibly,” he said.

“This legislation will make sure the minority of owners who have resisted voluntary measures fo the right thing by their cats and our native animals.”

Mr McCarten said the CSIRO estimated there were about 100,000 feral cats in the Kimberley alone, each killing an average of 5-12 native vertebrates daily.


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  1. companionanimalnews

    From Cat Alliance of Australia:
    New cat laws have been passed. Cat Haven has taken a provactive and positive step along with other groups and have brought in cheap sterilisation at $105 for Snip and Chip and Cat Sterilisation have programs with two vets some as little as $50 depending on what vet for card holders. A lot of Councils have subsidies desexing programs and so do vets via the Ruby Benjamin Foundation just to name a few so if you really want or need cheap desexing the information is on the Cat Alliance Website under “can we help button”. There is a lot of positive work being done behind the scenes to assist those that are really in need of assistance. Cat Alliance has just recently worked with RIEWA and State Housing on the abandonment of cats which is the reason for so many semi feral cats being left to breed and colonies. Education information and stories have been sent to all members of RIEWA and in The state housing news letter on what to do in case of abandoned cats. Following by the new release of the pet friendly lease announced by Riewa in conjunction with the RSPCA should help more people maintain their pets when renting. Some Councils have already laws in place and other do not have any laws and what other laws will be introduced has been and will always be with your council so if you want to have an input then contact your council. Discussion are underway with LG and State Government on what other means we can assist people into the new laws compliance. Christine Yurovich President Cat Alliance of Australia Inc http://www.catallianceaustralia.Inc.”

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