End of dog death row

Queensland Times, 11 Nov 2011

THE days of unwanted dogs and cats being put to sleep in Ipswich are over.

Max the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier peeks out of the new Animal Welfare League Queensland Re-homing Centre kennels at the Ipswich Pound on Hooper St, West Ipswich.

THE days of unwanted dogs and cats being put to sleep in Ipswich are over.

The city council’s pound in West Ipswich – where many unloved pets meet their lonely end – is being taken over by the Animal Welfare League on November 18.

The handover has been hailed as a momentous step in the right direction for the future of the city’s animals.

Council statistics revealed 720 dogs and 888 cats were put down in the last financial year.

AWLQ CEO Denise Bradley said the Ipswich AWL Re-homing Shelter would help save the lives of many cats and dogs.

“We will also be able to expand our Getting To Zero euthanasia model of all healthy and treatable cats and dogs,” Ms Bradley said.

“We hope to be able to save the lives of many hundreds more animals now we have a shelter in the Ipswich community.”

Health and Regulation Committee chairman Andrew Antoniolli said the partnership would secure Ipswich’s “position as a leader in turning the tables on irresponsible pet owners”.

“By 2026 the number of cats and dogs in the Ipswich area would reach 112,000, which represents about one third of the 318,000 people predicted,” Cr Antoniolli said.

“In the future it is expected one-in-four Ipswich residents will have four legs.

“That’s why we need to look at this problem from both ends and the AWL is helping us to achieve that with their knowledge, ability and philosophy.”

Cr Antoniolli said currently if a dog or cat was not claimed within three working days it was euthanised.

“It is criminal we put down so many pets,” Cr Antoniolli said.

“Ninety per cent of surrendered or abandoned cats are put down in Ipswich.

“That is a terrible social statistic and society should not accept that.

“It is about the community owning the problem. When the AWL takes over we will see a marked improvement. It is the biggest step we’ve taken for animal welfare management.

“Ipswich is leading the nation in how we manage and care and for the pets of the city.”

Ipswich City Council animal welfare officers will still take care of impounding, but the actual control and operation of the pound will be run by the AWL.

The AWL will celebrate the opening on Saturday, November 19, with jumping castles, raffles, face painting and gift packs for people who adopt a pet on the day. The event runs from 10am until 2pm at 6 Hooper St, West Ipswich.

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7 responses to “End of dog death row

  1. companionanimalnews

    Media Release Ipswich Council:

    “Animal Welfare League of Queensland to take over Ipswich pound duties
    10 November 2011

    The Animal Welfare League of Queensland hopes to attain a zero euthanasia rate of unclaimed animals at Ipswich Pound when they take over Pound operations next Friday, November 18.

    Health and Regulation Committee Chairperson, Councillor Andrew Antoniolli said a partnership was formed between Council and the AWL following a tender process in February this year culminating in the official hand-over next Friday.

    “The AWL will run the day to day operations of the Animal Management Centre freeing Council staff up to focus on other animal management duties.

    “I am really excited about this wonderful partnership with the AWL as we can start to focus on owning the problem of abandoned and unclaimed companion cats and dogs and give them a second chance.

    “This is probably the best result we could have achieved to attract the expertise of the AWL with whom we have worked very closely for several years.

    “The AWL has been running pound operations for the Gold Coast City Council for the past 20 years and has managed to achieve a zero euthanasia rate for impounded animals there and this partnership, I believe, will result in far less unclaimed animals being euthanized here as well.”

    Cr Antoniolli said Council’s Animal Management budget of $1.8 million would ensure there were more animal related patrols, inspections and investigations by Council’s animal management officers.

    Animal Welfare League of Queensland CEO Denise Bradley said the partnership between the Ipswich City Council and AWLQ Re-homing Shelter will help save the lives of many companion cats and dogs which may otherwise have an uncertain future.

    “For years we have been working with the Ipswich Animal Management on re-homing some of their animals at our Coombabah and Stapylton shelters.

    “We hope to be able to save the lives of many hundreds more animals now we have a shelter in the Ipswich community and will also be able to expand our getting to zero euthanasia model of all healthy and treatable cats and dogs even further.”

    Ms Bradley said the AWLQ Re-homing Shelter opening signified the change of an era for the Ipswich pound and will give all impound animals a second chance.


  2. Come on AWL NSW – work with Blacktown Pound please!
    Apparently the only thing that Ian Burr took home from the recent AWL Qld Summit is that a 20% vacancy rate at the pound is much more comfortable for dogs and staff. So, it seems that the killing of re-homable dogs has started again in spite of previous assurances that no re-homable dog would be killed while there was room at the pound.
    Rescue groups are protesting!

    • Jewel Rainbow

      The current administration of Blacktown Pound should be sacked – he is clearly Nazi-like in his attitude towards homeless pets. http://www.nathanwinograd.com/?p=7331

      The Banality of Evil : Nathan J Winograd
      After a cat starved to death at Dallas Animal Services, while each and every employee looked the other way and ignored his cries, I wrote an article that explained the culture of cruelty endemic to our broken animal “shelter” system. You can read that

      I just learned Tablelands Regional Council (in Atherton and Mareeba, Queensland) only waits THREE DAYS before euthanising unregistered dogs! Ipswich Pound’s enlightened approach should be adopted throughout Queensland and Australia. I urge dog owners to PLEASE TAKE URGENT ACTION TO LOBBY GOVERNMENTS TO MOVE AUSTRALIA (NZ, AND THE UK) TO A NO-KILL SHELTER SYSTEM for all but the most dangerous animals. What is WRONG with some of the staff in these so-called animal SHELTERS who kill pets who have done nothing wrong and are sad because they have been rejected by their first owners – THESE ANIMALS DESERVE A CHANCE OF A BETTER LIFE IN A KINDER HOME: not the gas chamber or lethal injection !!! Please lobby for tougher monitoring of shelters, automatic dismissal and criminal charging of staff abusing animals at shelters, and a quick move to No Kill shelters.

  3. selwyn marock

    Great News.The less people have to do with these tuppence-hapenny municipalities,the better.

    • Cr Andrew Antoniolli, Chairperson - ICC Health and Regulation Ctee

      @selwyn marock – Whilst I understand your comments, please understand that Ipswich City Council (ICC) have just established a formal working partnership with the AWL in that they will now manage our pound facility and establish a rehousing facility, however we have been in a close working relationship with the AWL for at least 10 years and we have been working towards better outcomes for suitable unclaimed companion animals for that time. Many 100s of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens, have been saved from a grizzly end through our previous partnership. ICC has also been very active in promoting irresponsible pet ownership and thereby improving the percentage of reclaimed pets. This new partnership looks at making a marked improvement in the rescue and rehoming of unclaimed pets.
      ICC is not a tuppence-hapenny council and has been a leader in many initiatives relating to improving responsible pet ownership. That said there is a particular set of skills required to manage a ‘pet rescue and rehoming operation’ and therefore the partnership with the AWL is a smart step forward.

  4. Jan Baker

    Yes it is ashame that Blacktown Council in NSW don’t have the know how to do something like this….they can’t afford it!! So they keep telling us & animals are still being euthanased…..if one Council can do this.WHY can’t other councils….Blacktown council puts animals on the very end of their agenda, to them they are NOT that important…..but as we have been doing & will continue to do is fight for the rights of these animals in our pound…..good on you Ipswich Council, your community should be proud of you….

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