Meet the dog whose Bach’s better than his bite Dec 5 2011


Basil, a two-year-old American staffy, tunes in to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony at the Wingfield Animal Welfare League shelter. Picture: Tait Schmaal

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BEETHOVEN, Mozart and Bach have soothed minds for centuries, but now they have new fans in homeless dogs and cats.

The Animal Welfare League’s animal shelter at Wingfield has set up a music distribution system – thanks to volunteer and former ABC technician Steve Hughes – to play classical music around the clock.

Studies have found classical music can relax animals, while also helping them cope with separation anxiety.

Does your pooch have a favourite tune? Add a comment below and help us build the ultimate playlist for pets

Workers hope the calming effect the music has on dogs and cats – such as two-year-old American staffy Basil – will increase adoption rates.

“Playing classical music helps keep the dogs and cats in our care as relaxed as possible by lowering their stress levels,” AWL animal care manager Leanne Page said.

“The dogs bark less and are more receptive to learning basic manners through the training we provide, making them more appealing to the public considering adopting from us.”

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