Pair to take over pound

Central Coast Express Advocate ; 14 DEC 11 BY TERRY COLLINS

THINGS are about to change at Gosford pound, with a new private company set to take over running the establishment and dog adoptions on the cards from next year.

Elise Foster and Jessica Moody will assume management of the pound, at Erina, on January 6 under the banner of their company Gosford Dog Paws, ending years of management by the RSPCA.

“The RSPCA is facing many issues at the moment, including closure of some pounds, and was unable to continue accepting dogs from Gosford pound,” Ms Foster said.

“I have been working here for two years, and Jess for about five, so we decided to set up our own company and will continue running the pound on behalf of Gosford Council.

“Being a private company, we will be making dog adoptions available from the pound, so people will no longer have to travel to Somersby to buy a dog. I think that will see our sales success rate rise.”



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3 responses to “Pair to take over pound

  1. Tara

    So, Gosford pound outsourced it’s responsibility of lost or homeless cats and dogs and now a private facility has is trying to rehome the dogs.

    But what of Gosford councils responsibilty to lost or homeless cats? We pay our lifetime registrations for our cats to this council but for what, if they take no responsibility for them if they are lost.

  2. John Gray

    Well done Regards

    John (Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania)

  3. Tess

    I think a council operated pound would be ideal but anyone could do better than the appalling kill rate of the RSPCA. I’m Elise and Jessica, with their experience and willingness to rehome pets directly from the facility will be a huge improvement. I hope they will release animals to local, reputable rescue groups which will certainly save lives. Good luck Elise and Jessica!

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