Injured puppy has fighting chance

Northern Star, Dec 13, 2011

A SMALL puppy found half-dead under a pile of garbage at Woodenbong tip will live at least until the end of the week, the RSPCA has said.

A SMALL puppy found half-dead under a pile of garbage at Woodenbong tip will live at least until the end of the week, the RSPCA has said.

It had been feared the nameless three-month-old pup, which had been brutally bashed and dumped in a rubbish bin, might have to be euthanased yesterday because the attack left her with brain damage so severe it had sent her blind.

However after a traumatic 72 hours, RSPCA regional inspector Alistair Hills said the puppy had a fighting chance of survival.

“(The vet has) done another examination and found a few things which are more hopeful,” Mr Hills said. “She’s got improved hearing and improved visual function. She’s more aware of her surroundings, whereas before she wouldn’t know people were around until they touched her or picked her up.”

Mr Hills said the puppy was still in a fragile state. The vet would continue to monitor her through the week to see how she was once the swelling on her brain had subsided. He would decide on Friday whether she would have to be euthanased.

“In terms of a full recovery, we don’t know just yet,” Mr Hills said.

The plight of the puppy has distressed animal lovers from all over the world and her story has been told in numerous blogs and newspapers.

People from as far away as Canada have voiced their concern. Several animal lovers even offered to adopt the pup and pay her vet bills.

If the person who attacked and binned the dog is found, they could face a charge of aggravated cruelty. The offence carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail and fines of up to $22,000.

People with any information should contact the RSPCA on 0262828300.

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4 responses to “Injured puppy has fighting chance

  1. Georgina Barboutis

    Surely somebody knew, saw or heard the pup before it was dumped. I hope they have enough courage to come forward.

  2. Jan Baker

    WHY!! Does this make these people feel big….to pick on a little puppy! You are sick inhumane mongrels to do this to a little innocent puppy….what or who will you pick on next…..I just don’t know how people can be so cruel…..I pray that this little pet will pull through & be able to live a normal life….the Law has to be harder on these people… has to let them know that they will not get away with this cruel treatment to animals….

  3. Lou Beaumont

    If the Thing responsible for this atrocity can be identified – and the authorities are unable to follow through with a suitable sentence – let those of us who care mete out a suitable punishment. I am not a supporter of vigilanteism – at least I wasn’t!!!!

  4. Michelle

    That is the most disgusting thing to do to an innocent defenceless pup.
    This story makes me so enraged.

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