Pet shop’s skinny pups

Geelong Advertiser; Victoria MacDonald   |  September 8th, 2011

MALNOURISHED and worm-infested puppies have been seized from a Geelong-region pet shop.

The RSPCA alleges the three bulldog-Staffordshire terrier-cross puppies were underweight, anaemic and suffering from parasites when they were taken from the store.

Investigations into the condition of the animals continue.

The puppies, aged about 12 weeks when they were seized in late July, each put on weight quickly once in the care of the RSPCA.

“They were all under 2kg when I seized them; they were minuscule,” Inspector Hugh Robinson said.

“Puppies of that age should be double that weight, I would have thought. They were just tiny little things.

“They were really quite unwell.

“They were up and down with anaemia; their red blood cells were up and down. That’s all stabilised when they came into our care.”

One puppy, which weighed 1.7kg when the RSPCA intervened, grew to weigh 3.5kg in less than a month.

“They pretty much all doubled their weight in a few weeks,” Mr Robinson said.

The puppies have been put up for adoption at the RSPCA centre in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood.

The RSPCA understands the business has since stopped trading.

Meanwhile, cruelty charges against a Norlane man accused of starving a Staffordshire terrier-cross were yesterday adjourned at Geelong Magistrates’ Court.

A separate RSPCA investigation into the malnourishment of a mare and foal at Inverleigh was also adjourned.

Both cases will return to court on October 4.

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2 responses to “Pet shop’s skinny pups

  1. Geoff Birkbeck

    This is another reason why the whole animal welfare ‘industry” needs to be regulated and licenced.

    Looks like the RSPCA Vic is concentrating on the Geelong area.

  2. Jan Baker

    What do they think these little puppies would be like coming from filthy inhumane places….these poor Mothers immune system is just not strong enough to pass onto their puppies as they do not get the right food or vitamins to help them…..the puppies are usually in poor health & skinny, filled with worms…..shut these puppy farms down to stop them from selling these little babies to people who just do not understand where they come from….

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