Pet puppies dog fight bait

The Mercury; Jan 8 2012

The staffordshire bull terrier, above, and the mastiff, below, are two of the breeds of dogs most likely to be used in dog fighting. Anyone considering giving away such dogs should thoroughly check out prospective owners.

Family pets are being killed in their dozens as part of blood-thirsty dog-fighting events throughout Tasmania.

Tasmania Police and the RSPCA have joined forces to crack down on the criminal “sport” in what could be the biggest animal welfare case recorded in the state.

There are reports of individual dogs being trained to become killers and goaded into killing as many as nine other dogs at each event.

RSPCA chief executive Ben Sturges said he could not detail the specific focus or scale of the investigation only saying that police in Hobart and Devonport were helping his inspectors.

“RSPCA Tasmania and Tasmania Police are working together on a joint operation surrounding dog-fighting rings in Tasmania,” Mr Sturges said.

“Under the Animal Welfare Act it is illegal to participate in or attend a dog fight in Tasmania.”

Ringleaders of such events are widely known to use give-away or stolen household pets as “blood” or “bait” animals to reward winning dogs and test aggression of animals intended to fight.

The details of the illegal events has prompted animal welfare campaigners to urge people not to place “free to good home” advertising in online marketplaces or other listings.

In other jurisdictions around the world, traffickers of blood or bait dogs have been known to pay others to pick up free dogs often with children in tow to appear more legitimate.

And they warn that people involved in the dog fighting could be more likely to inquire about specific breeds including staffordshire bull terriers and mastiffs but that all breeds can be targets.

It is believed that rings are being organised out of Hobart’s northern suburbs and parts of the North-West. There are rumours about other areas.

Mr Sturges said the investigation started several weeks ago and he believed the fights were held outside metropolitan areas.

Events are believed to be organised in a similar way to street racing, in which people are told where and when fights will be held by text message at the last minute in order to avoid detection.

People with litters of unwanted puppies are advised to charge a price for them and even request to see the home of potential owners.

“The RSPCA urges people to be very careful when giving away dogs because these animals are often used as blood dogs or bait,” Mr Sturges said.

There are reports that dogs are not the only animals used to increase the aggression of the dogs small household pets also are being targeted.

Suspicions of pet thefts being associated with dog-fight rings have circulated since at least the late 1990s.

In 2007, the BBC infiltrated British and continental European dog-fighting rings and found that wagers on individual fights ranged up to $50,000.

In Tasmania, convicted offenders can face penalties of 12 months in jail and fines of $26,000.

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7 responses to “Pet puppies dog fight bait

  1. Brad

    This is heart breaking, I can’t believe this kind of thing is still allowed to happen, but the fact that the maximum fine is about half the amount of the maximum bets being placed, means that’s it’s clearly going to continue and the fine will be nothing more than pocket change for these murderers! Disgusting!…

  2. Jan Baker

    There has to be a LARGE fine for the people even a jail sentence….if it was people being used in this sort of sport then the public would raise hell….but it’s animals & they come further down on a lot of people’s list…..this has to stop & yes hit them in the pockets heavily that’s where it hurts these mongrels…also jail sounds good to me!

  3. Karen murphy

    The sad part is that these animals (people) have kids & these kids grow up thinking this behaviour is normal & follow in their footsteps continuing the horrid ‘sport’. When these dogs attack people its normally a child & not the disgusting pig that mistreated the dog & made the dog that way to start with

    • selwyn marock

      Karen this Scum have a long way to go to be referred to as Animals or Pigs they are the Worst they are Human Scumbags.
      Instead of euthanising the poor dogs that get hit in the cross-fire this Scum should be removed from the planet but unfortunately the Law is an Ass.12 months jail maximum and 13 months off for good behaviour.

  4. s kenrick

    Revolting people, they so disgusting!

  5. selwyn marock

    A maybe 12 months in jail is a joke,these Bastards should Rot in Jail.

  6. Scotti

    Should be more in the vacinity of 10years jail time and $250,000 fine. The more people caught the less likely these events will continue and it wouldnt be long before it becomes non-existant. Its a disgrace.

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