Animal champ’s horror tales

The Mercury,  CRAIG HOGGETT   |   January 12, 2012

LOVE CURES: Emma Haswell from Brightside Sanctuary with Will, right, and Pocket, rescued from a puppy farm. Picture: KIM EISZELE

YEARS of mistreatment in unethical puppy farms can leave dogs terrified of people and with severe health problems, but for the lucky ones like Will the miniature schnauzer there can be a happy ending.

Will was rescued from a puppy farm south of Hobart five months ago with 33 other small dogs.

Brightside Sanctuary owner Emma Haswell said although his coat was rich and healthy now, he was a different dog when he arrived.

“I heard they wanted to go out of business with the small dogs, so we made an offer the condition was that we took all the small dogs,” Ms Haswell said.

“Will had very serious long-term ear infections in both ears. His ear canals were closed over completely and there was black puss coming out of them.

“They were very inflamed and painful, the actual ear was very swollen about a centimetre and a half thick instead of the little flaps they should have.”

Ms Haswell says hundreds of dogs are being used as breeding machines at puppy farms around the state.

She told the Mercury her sanctuary had taken in 120 former breeding dogs in the past year.

Will arrived at the sanctuary severely underweight, which delayed treatment, and with his coat matted with filth.

“What they were being kept in was a very small kennel complex even the dogs giving birth had no bedding at all and there was no drainage,” Ms Haswell said.

Little Will has since been adopted by a retired couple and Ms Haswell says he’s getting better every day.

“Will was absolutely terrified of people if you take hold of their collars they just crouch down,” she said.

“He’s still very timid but he’s a loving life.”

Many dogs that end up at Brightside are in similar condition to Will.

“The most rewarding thing I do is rehabilitate puppy farm dogs, they come to you so damaged,” Ms Haswell said.

“The first time they look you in the eye and wag their tails is just great.”

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4 responses to “Animal champ’s horror tales

  1. Geoff Birkbeck

    When I was in the Pilbara region of WA as a shire ranger, it was remarkable in some cases after three days of food, water and some attention how some dogs had come around.

    We got called to a empty house by the cleaning company as a small terrier like puppy was abandoned there. This poor pup wouldnt let any male go near him. The female cleaner had to pick him up. He was scared and withdrawn.

    I sat in his pen with him and watched as he huddled up into the corner. He wouldnt take food. I even remarked to my offsider that this one looks as might be put down. He was slowly dying.

    He was dubbed “Macauly” after the child actor as he was found “Home Alone”. Within 2 days he was bright, eating, happy and above all yappy. He was fed free range eggs and milk to build himself up.

    On the 4th day Macauly was on a plane to Perth and rehomed by an organisation to a family that has a farmlette in Gin Gin. Hes a happy boy now

  2. Jan Baker

    Governments have to close these puppy farms down. In this day & age no person OR animal should be treated in this way. These dogs are being abused by greedy people that want to make money out of their suffering. This should not be tippy toed around, it should be stopped. We supposedly live in a humane world, why is this allowed to happen. I understand the world isn’t in any way perfect, but this is barbaric to allow these dogs to not even see the light of day or to touch grass or to be free to run. These dogs suffer silently as the public doesn’t know what is going on behind the scenes of the Pet Industry. These little puppies sold to pet shops while their mother’s still suffer & produce more puppies for these money making business people. It has to STOP!

  3. The Lone Ranger

    This is why the states need legislation to regulate and licence the whole companion animal industry.

    This includes the so called welfare and rescue organasions as well as breeders and kennel clubs

    I have witnessed some terrible conditions and practices of animal welfare organisations and individuals.

    Licence all concerned and do not allow self regulation in any form whatsoever. Animal Welfare groups and selp appointed activists are not the law and have no jucidictional authority or framework to work with or be accountable for.

  4. companionanimalnews

    Great story Geoff!!!

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