Police raid finds dogs, goats ‘for human consumption’

SMH ; Melton Weekly, Feb 2 2012

A 26-member joint taskforce finds dozens of animals along with butchering equipment.

Police raid finds dogs, goats 'for human consumption'

  • PHOTOS: Rockbank property raided by police

A ROCKBANK property housing animals, including dogs and goats suspected of being illegally slaughtered and sold for human consumption, was raided yesterday.

A 26-member joint taskforce that included Caroline Springs police and detectives, the RSPCA, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, PrimeSafe and the Melton Council arrived at the property about 7.30am.

They found dozens of animals, including goats, chickens, dogs, reptiles, horses, pigs and an emu.

They also found several goat carcasses hanging on butcher’s hooks, and items of butchering equipment.

These included saws, blowtorches and knives.

Police said they seized about $200,000 worth of stolen machinery and cars from the premises, illegal firearms, ammunition and cannabis plants from a mobile home that was on the property.

The raid was organised after police received a statement from a witness who reported seeing a dog being butchered and a blowtorch used to remove its hair before the carcass was hung on a hook.

It was also alleged a man who lives on the property sold dog meat to about 100 customers for between $100 and $350.

The witness said the dogs were found through public notices that advertised the animals as free to a good home.

Two restricted breed dogs were found on the property. No dog meat was found on the premises.

A 41-year-old Rockbank man has been charged and bailed on criminal offences in relation to the raid.


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One response to “Police raid finds dogs, goats ‘for human consumption’

  1. sharon chamberlain

    The phone records should be traced and a sting set up to catch all the customers as well, a warning to all those people who advertise their “free” animals. Hopefully eating unregulated meat products will cause these people health issues ( parasites etc) and this awful industry will stop in its tracks. Bail is too good for him, lock him up.

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