Shelter deaths slashed

Geelong Advertiser, Shane Fowles | February 6th, 2012

GEELONG’S animal shelter has recorded new lows of dog kill rates as it moves on from a controversial era.
The Geelong Animal Welfare Society’s latest figures show that just 2 per cent of the 325 dogs admitted to the shelter in December 2011 were euthanased, with 148 finding new homes.
The previous year saw 26 per cent of dogs killed, board president Mike Bailey revealed yesterday.
“It just shows, that when we look at all the different things we’ve put in place (in the past few months), that they are working,” Mr Bailey said.
“But we realise it is a long-term battle to improve our re-home rates of cats and dogs. Our work is to maintain and improve on what we have done.”
The shelter had to kill 25 per cent of the 294 cats admitted to the shelter
While that is a sizeable improvement on the 14 per of cats re-homed in December, 2010, the shelter will focus on further reducing the euthanasia rates of cats.
Mr Bailey said an initiative to place existing shelter animals into foster care before New Year’s Eve had allowed more space to host runaway dogs in the notoriously busy post-fireworks period.
The majority of the dogs were quickly returned to their owners, with the pets fostered out then returning to the Moolap shelter.
“Traditionally, shelters will put dogs down beforehand to make space (for the new arrivals),” Mr Bailey said.
Widespread promotion of the benefits of adoption and increased hours on Sundays had also helped improve the shelter, he said.

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2 responses to “Shelter deaths slashed

  1. companionanimalnews

    Some of our readers may know that we were quite heavily involved in pushing through the new regime at GAWS. This is fantastic news and proves that all those involved were right in the actions that took place. Lets change other bad shelters now – we can do it!

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