Pets sold for $1 in internet trade

Alex Fynes-Clinton ; From:The Sunday Mail (Qld) ; February 12, 2012


NET THREAT: Animal welfare experts are worried at the growing trade in pets on websites without checks. Source: Herald Sun

PUPPIES and kittens are being discarded for as little as $1 in barely regulated online animal trades.

Classifieds websites like Gumtree and Tradingpost are advertising animals for sale or swap without background checks of sellers.

In extreme cases, advertisers were offering to swap household items for pets.

“It’s ridiculous. If people are willing to simply pay $1 or swap a puppy for a kid’s pee wee motorbike, it would really suggest there’s no compulsion on behalf of the new owner to place any value on the dog at all,” said Dogs Queensland Government Liaison Officer Mark Sheppard.

“There is nothing there to protect the buyers from these backyard dealers. They would have no comprehension of health problems, hereditary defects or testing regimes.”

Online sales giant eBay Australia has banned animal sales from their website, citing puppy farming operations as a major concern.

“Ultimately the trade of animals and wildlife products is so highly regulated, that we felt it was a wiser option to prohibit the sales,” said eBay spokeswoman Jenny Thomas.

Tradingpost spokeswoman Sarah Green said sellers were subject to state regulations, but would not reveal how advertisements were checked by staff.

“We educate and inform both buyers and sellers about the issues of the animal industry,” she said.

Gumtree’s Nat Thomas also couldn’t disclose how regularly ads were checked, but said users were encouraged to report illegal activity.

“Gumtree has policies for terms of use and provides tips and guidelines, including a ‘report this ad’ link for suspicious ads,” she said.


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5 responses to “Pets sold for $1 in internet trade

  1. Wecome To CFA Cattery Reviews
    If you have purchased an expensive pedigree cat or kitten from a *CFA/TICA registered pedigreed cat breeder & you are not satisfied with your purchase & the registered cat breeder refuses to want to deal with you. You have emailed them, called them, the breeder will not answer you whatsoever. But they were quick to take your money that is for sure. You have come to the right site.

    If you’ve been defrauded by *registered pedigree cat breeders, please know that you are not alone. You can reach out to others who’ve been taken advantage of, just like you have. Together we are no longer victims, but we certainly are VICTORS, we can heal one another through this experience.

  2. The Lone Ranger

    This is not a new phenomemon. I know of a breakaway “rescue” group from a well known WA based group that put thier “rescues: in a pet shop.

    In another instance, the Perth based group had a member turn rogue who refused to return foster pups and advertised them on “Gumtree” website.

    This is another reason for the licencing and regulation of the animal welfare “industry” including “welfare/rescue” groups. Just because an individual is a “registered breeder” there are still no regularory standards other than self imposed (and group specific self serving) by laws that have no legal bearing or authority whatsoever

  3. Protect the animals!

    There are concens where some small rescues are using Gumtree to advertiser re-homing of companion animals. Why use Internet sites that promote advertisements from backyard breeders and puppy or kitten farmers? There are better options. For example, Petrescue has been set up for rescue groups to promote re-homing of their companion animals and will always recommend people who are wanting to adopt to go to their website to look for a pet.

  4. The Lone Ranger

    The answer is to regulate and licence the whole animal welfare industry.

    In relation to posting any advert in any form of media, as long at it does not constitute an illegal activity or an offence, it can be published.

    It is not up to the media service to ask “Is this second hand item stolen or illegal?” They do post warnings on software and firearms legislative content, but that is put on to the seller not the buyer.

    I am sure the call taker is going to ask “Are you a backyard breeder?” and the client is going to say “Oh yes i am, thank you for asking”

    Caveat Empor = let the buyer beware.

    Registered breeders. commercial breeders and especially animal “rescue” organisations need to be regulated and operate within a legal framework. In my experiance, none of them can be charged with operating within self regulation and with a degree without bias or ethics

  5. Facebook is allowing closed groups to sell, buy or give away pups and kittens. Most of these animals are being sold with no vaccinations or being micro chipped.

    Facebook should do as Ebay has done and stopped these backyard breeders!!!

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