Puppy farms under fire in new policy

Newcastle herald; BY MICHELLE HARRIS 07 Mar, 2012

“DODGY” puppy farms might find it harder to sell their animals to pet stores, as part of a new move to ensure shops source dogs only from breeders who meet animal welfare standards.The Pet Industry Association of Australia said yesterday its member stores would from October sell only puppies from association-approved breeders, whose operations were subject to an independent audit by a veterinarian each year.

As well, any dog bought from one of the member stores would be saved from euthanasia and rehomed in the event its owner abandoned it, through a partnership with the RSPCA.

The new policy was launched at the NSW Parliament in Sydney yesterday, with television vet Dr Harry Cooper on hand to speak in support.

He said Australians had a great affiliation with animals, and the association’s approach would microchip puppies at birth, allowing consumers to make an informed choice about where they bought their pet.

Also speaking in support was Charlestown MP Andrew Cornwell, who heads the state government’s Companion Animal taskforce, which was established last year and involves industry groups.

Mr Cornwell, who runs a veterinarian practice at Cardiff, said the association’s approach would help stamp out cruel breeding practices.

The taskforce was also looking at new measures and would make recommendations this year about potential changes to laws.

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5 responses to “Puppy farms under fire in new policy

  1. selwyn marock


  2. It is a start I suppose, why we need puppy farms at all is beyond me, when there are so many animals in rescue/shelters that need homes.

  3. Delta

    Don’t be fooled by this, the PIAA supports puppy farms (accredited breeders = puppy factories that are registered with Councils, all the puppy factories are listed on PIAA website including Banksia Park, Adorable puppies, Murray river pupies, all factory farms) ;;;

  4. Christine Jameson

    This is not enough – we all know that the PIAA is interested only in making money and cares nothing for the welfare of animals. I never buy anything from pet shops that sell live animals. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives these days – you don’t have to support the pet shops which endorse and promote animal cruelty. There are many online pet shops if you don’t heave an animal-free pet shop nearby. Get them where it hurts – in the hip pocket!!!

  5. Julie

    Here in the UK celebrity vet Marc Abraham spearheads PupAid 2012 (please do check it out in your search engine) it is held yearly and is mushrooming in the UK (Puppy Farming Awareness Day). It is backed by many high profile celebrities and rock stars featuring a large music stage, stalls and displays of Ex Breeding bitches from these hell holes, Displays of Companion Dogs for the Disabled and what they can do for the disabled, Pup idol fun dog show, stalls of rescue dog charities ie Dogs Trust (UK) and those abroad, beer tent, food
    talks about cruel puppy farming with the message Rescue Don’t Buy. It is even getting the attention of politicians! I really hope Australia can do something similar as the event is now so popular its had to move from Brighton, Stanmer Park to a venue in London! This issue is global come on Oz how about it!

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