Woman won’t stand trial for ‘abusing’ 104 dogs

The Australian ; AAP, April 2, 2012

A WOMAN accused of mistreating 104 dogs will not stand trial, frustrating the Queensland RSPCA, which has fought a protracted legal battle.

The decision means she will be allowed to own dogs in the future.

Geraldine Robertson was to have stood trial on 145 charges, after 104 dogs, mainly toy and standard poodles, were seized from her kennel at Waterford, south of Brisbane, in 2008.

The dogs were allegedly in a poor state with faeces-matted fur and ear infections.

The RSPCA spent almost $1.4 million in food and medicine for the dogs and their 45 offspring, and had to fight Ms Robertson in the courts when she appealed their forfeiture.

The RSPCA says the Magistrates Court in Brisbane has found Ms Robertson is not fit to stand trial on the grounds of her mental capacity.

The Department of Justice confirmed the court directed a permanent stay of the proceedings.

RSPCA chief Mark Townend says it’s a sad end to a trying case.

“It’s a sad ending for everyone concerned, the complainant, the respondent and all those who were involved in caring for the (104) animals over such an extended period of time,” he said.

“The termination of the prosecution means that there is no finding of guilt or innocence and consequently no penalty.

“There has been no prohibition order issued regarding the possession of animals.”

The RSPCA thanked the court for its time, and its legal representatives and supporters who had cared for the dogs seized from squalid conditions.

It is also concerned about the new approval of kennels on the property involved.

But Logan City Council says the property changed hands in February 2011, and the kennel application has been approved for the new owner, not Ms Robertson.

“Council officers were fully aware of the previous owner’s history with the property and undertook an extremely thorough assessment of the application,” a spokeswoman said.

“Officers visited the site numerous times and the new owner … completed significant upgrades of the property and facilities to achieve compliance.”

The council last month approved a licence for a maximum of 40 dogs, to be renewed each financial year.

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5 responses to “Woman won’t stand trial for ‘abusing’ 104 dogs

  1. companionanimalnews

    Once again, the “Law” (hah!) is a joke…..

  2. Jan Baker

    Boy these councils must be taking big kick backs from these inhumane mongrels to allow them to continue this cruel money making racket…..the law does stink!! especially when it comes to animals….they just don’t care….there are too many people at the top making too much money for any law to be passed to protect these animals from being exploited……

  3. The Lone Ranger


    Read the article a bit more closely. It was the RSPCA that took the matter before the courts.

    The evidence apparently was there, it was the ruking of the Magistrate presiding that declared the accused being “not fit to stand trial on the grounds of her mental capacity””.

    However, if the RSPCA spent 1.4 million dollars so far, they should lodge an appeal. I would look at why wasnt the offender classed as “not fit to stand trial on the grounds of her mental capacity” at the other times she appealled previous rulings?

    The evidence got the matter put before the bench. That is the main thing. The offender is not innocent.

  4. Julie

    In the UK we have a puppy farming awareness day which is mushrooming in popularity and had to move from Brighton to our capital London. Check out PupAid 2012 spearhead by celebrity vet Marc Abraham (MarctheVet), celebrity backed, music stage, stalls, displays of Ex Breeding Bitches (sobering), Companion Dogs for the Disabled, beer tents, food, dog rescue charity stalls, information on cruel puppy farming, even politicians are starting to take notice!
    Perhaps Australia could do their own version it has been brilliant for awareness to the general public and makes people in high places sit up and take notice with a view to hopefully banning these cruel hell holes for dogs and stiffening up laws on the irresponsible inhumane breeding of dogs in your country too, it features on our radio and tv and is gaining momentum for awareness – I hope the word spreads and Australia can do their own Pup Aid!

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