This little piggy wants to stay home; John Edwards, Staff; Apr 04, 2012

This little piggy wants to stay home. Warren Pascoe holds Wilber, his pet pot-bellied pig.

COLLINGWOOD – A Collingwood couple is hoping council will allow them to keep their pet pot-bellied at their home.

Warren Pascoe and Elsie Campbell are the owners of Wilber – an eight-month old pot bellied pig.

Pascoe said he and Campbell took the pig in from friends and attempted to find him a home, however, they quickly became attached to their pet porker.

“He’s quite cute,” he said. “We’re his third home in seven months. It’s getting harder and harder to let him go.”

Pascoe said Wilber is currently about 30 pounds and will max out at about 50. He is housebroken, eats a vegetarian diet, is walked on a leash and can even climb stairs.

“He’s smart,” he said. “You wish your dog was this smart.”

Pascoe said Wilber generally stays inside their home but when he does go outside, he doesn’t leave the deck. Pascoe said in a letter to council that Wilber has all of his shots and has been neutered.

“Wilber’s breed was designed to be house pets and is smaller, quieter and far less aggressive than several breeds of dog that are allowed in town,” Pascoe said.

Pascoe said Wilber is good-natured and mixes well with their dogs and local children.

However, there is some confusion to the wording in the town’s animal control bylaw as to whether pigs are suitable pets.

Pascoe said when he first looked over the bylaw – passed in 1982, he was under the impression, Wilber could stay.

However, two months after the pig arrived, they were informed of an amendment passed in 1987 that says pigs aren’t allowed.

He has received an order from bylaw officials that says he can keep the pig until the middle of April.

On Monday, council asked staff for more information and what are the policies of other municipalities. As a result, the couple is getting an extension the current order and can keep Wilber for a little while longer.

Councillor Ian Chadwick also wants staff to speak to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society to determine how they would deal with the pigs if they needed to.

Chadwick, said he is fine with Wilber.

“I don’t have an issue with it,” Chadwick.

Councillor Keith Hull would like to staff to also obtain information on other animals such as chickens.

In his letter to council, Pascoe has more than 20 signatures from neighbours who want Wilber to stay.

He says they will find a new home for Wilber if council doesn’t allow them to keep him.

“We’re not trying to keep an illegal pig in the house,” he said.

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