Moore breaks down over ‘get Clover’ bill

Alicia Wood The Daily Telegraph April 04, 2012

CLOVER Moore was overcome with emotion as she fronted her first press conference since the government passed a law known within parliament as the “get Clover” bill.

Last night, the Upper House approved the “dual role” law change, meaning that Clover Moore would be forced to choose between representing Sydney as an MP, or being the Lord Mayor of the city of Sydney.

She stressed that it was not a choice she wanted to make.

“I have made a clear commitment that I will run again for Lord Mayor in the City of Sydney elections in September, and if I am unable for the next three years to fulfil my parliamentary duties it will be because Barry O’Farrell and the Shooters and Fred Nile pushed me out of parliament,” she said.

Asked about how she felt when the law passed last night, she was visibly upset, and said “I’ll just take a deep breath here.”

“I got a text when the bill went through and I just thought, you know, how terrible it is that the government, the Shooters and Fred Nile have voted to remove a democratic right of the people of NSW. And I feel very sad about the fact I wont be able to continue to be here, I was elected for the people of Sydney and I should be here for the next three years and I just think it is outrageous, I think it is terrible what the government has done.”

If she wins the mayoral elections in September, Ms Moore would have to resign her Sydney seat before the first council election.

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One response to “Moore breaks down over ‘get Clover’ bill

  1. The Lone Ranger

    Duel office can be percieved as a corruptive practice and a conflict of interest.. NSW was the only state that allowed it.This smacks of the Belke – Peterson government of the 80s.

    You cant have one foot on the bottom rung (Local Government) and the other one step up (State Government)

    Councillor/Member Clover..make up your mind which are you going to serve. The local community of a few square kilometers or the state.

    It clearly is a conflict of interest.

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