Here’s looking at you, babe

The Mercury; CHARLES WATERHOUSE   |   April 17, 2012

PIGGING OUT: Bec Miller from the RSPCA yesterday with Jesse, a four-year-old pig given up by a family after being hand-raised from 12 weeks of age. Picture: KIM EISZELE

LOOKING for a pet? How about one that has a good nature and enjoys the company of people.

The catch is she likes to eat – a lot.

If that’s no problem, then Jesse the pig could be perfect.

For obvious reasons, Jesse is less suited to a normal home than many animals adopted from the RSPCA’s Mornington Animal Centre but she would be well suited to a farm.

But it’s not just popular puppet, cartoon and movie star pigs like Miss Piggy, Porky Pig and Babe that have loads of character.

Pet pigs are known to be smart, sweet and sensitive … and very, very cheeky.

Jesse was raised by her human “mother” from 12 weeks old.

Her pen portrait on the RSPCA adopt-a-pet website describes Jesse as loving a good scratch and that she is very fond of food no surprise there.

“If you take me home I will need loads of space, food, time and love,” her pen portrait says.

RSPCA Tasmania chief executive Ben Sturges said Jesse was surrendered to the centre last week because her previous owner could not look after her any longer.

Jesse is a large black-white cross pig about four years old.

The centre also has a miniature cross 11-month-old male pig Colin.

The RSPCA wants the two animals to go to good owners where they would have good lives.

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2 responses to “Here’s looking at you, babe

  1. companionanimalnews

    So what will happen as the shelters start to get flooded with more pigs now that they have become popular?

  2. Anne Greenaway

    What is going to happen to the poor cats now that the (Tasmanian) Burnie shelter is being closed? Anyone know?

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