Animal Welfare Groups Commend Blacktown Council on Compulsory Desexing


In a landmark decision this week, Blacktown Council has approved a policy to adopt immediate compulsory desexing of all cats and dogs sold from its pound facility.  With more than 3,000 cats and dogs euthanised at Blacktown Animal Holding Facility each year, desexing will be a key strategy in reducing the number of unwanted animals entering the pound.

RSPCA NSW and Animal Welfare League NSW made cooperative submissions offering to assist Blacktown Council for consideration at this week’s meeting. A number of Councillors indicated these submissions, combined with the support of local veterinary clinics, were significant contributors to Council’s decision.

CEO of Animal Welfare League NSW Tim Vasudeva said, “This is an important step for the welfare of companion animals in Blacktown and surrounding regions. It is a testament to the dedicated work of so many members of the community, local veterinarians and members of Council who have been advocating for desexing for many years.  I congratulate every Blacktown Councillor for their support of this initiative and was very pleased to observe the motion carried unanimously at this week’s Council meeting.

“We are very pleased to be working cooperatively with both RSPCA NSW and local veterinarians to provide desexing capacity and veterinary support to Council’s Animal Holding Facility to enable this important policy to be implemented effectively and efficiently.”

RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman applauded Blacktown Council for demonstrating this level of leadership. “We cannot praise Blacktown Council enough for taking this brave step,” said Mr Coleman. “Desexing just makes sense.  The issue of animal overpopulation is everyone’s problem – not just Council’s, RSPCA’s or the Animal Welfare League’s.  It’s everyone’s responsibility to tackle this, and desexing is critical if we expect to impact the number of unwanted companion animals.

“We commend Blacktown Council for setting an example for other councils struggling to deal with this statewide issue,” said Mr Coleman.

Media Contacts:

Marianne Zander, RSPCA NSW Media & PR Manager      Carlene Albronda , Animal Welfare League NSW

0413 622 020 or                         0414 280 122 or



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7 responses to “Animal Welfare Groups Commend Blacktown Council on Compulsory Desexing

  1. companionanimalnews

    It must be remembered that strong advocacy by a number of members of the public over at least 12 years created this situation – RSPCA and AWL helped push the Council….

  2. Jan Baker

    It is about time that Blacktown Council made the decision that has been put to them for years….the obvious decision was compulsory desexing….but one person held up this decision because of his own personal opinions…..but people power & persistence won out in the end…..people power will continue to fight for the rights of these animals.

  3. Cathy Beer

    That is great news. A huge collaborative effort and a big win for companion animals!

  4. Tegan

    Though I fully support all animals being desexed from Blacktown, I am concerned that this now mandated step may cause a delay in adoptions (i.e. you have to wait for your chosen pet to be desexed before taking it home), which may mean that the facility is under more strain to house all the animals that come through their door – which may result in space-based euthanasia.

    • Billy

      Rubbish Tegan.

      Congratulations to all involved, this is most certainly a step forward.

      • Tegan

        Billy, perhaps you should elaborate further as your current comment is not constuctive. What bit is rubbish? There will be no delay in adoptions? (How would this happen, unless animals can be desexed instantaneously?) That a delay in adoption will not pressure on existing facilities? (How would this happen, unless, again, animals can be desexed instantaneously?) The fact that the facility will be under more strain having to keep animals longer? Or that space-based euthanasia will not happen?

  5. anita

    hello i am on a dsp and was givern a cat street cat now i need to get it desexed what will be the cost

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