Council votes in mandatory desexing of animals

Blacktown Advocate, May 9 2012

ANIMAL lovers rejoiced as Blacktown Council made it mandatory to desex dogs and cats sold at the pound.

The landmark decision was met by cheers from the public gallery at last Wednesday’s general council meeting.

Veterinarian Dr Robert Zammit, who led the campaign, said desexing would reduce the number of animals euthanised at the pound..

“To see that number of animals die is uncivilised,” he said.

Councillor Kathie Collins, who moved the motion, said it would stop people from breeding dogs for illegal fighting purposes.

“This is a good move on behalf of Blacktown City Council to come up with this recommendation and I trust the people in the gallery will see that we are making an effort,” she said.

Blacktown Councillor Russ Dickens, a practising veterinarian, said the decision was long overdue.

“Let me say thanks to my Labor colleagues who have finally seen the light,” he said.

“Conscience has prevailed. The most difficult job for any veterinarian and person is to put a healthy animal down.”

Council will make arrangements with the University of Sydney and local vets to organise payment for desexing.


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