Cat laws to target dumping

The Mercury; ANNE MATHER   |   June 30,

New laws will now allow farmers to kill feral cats.

TOUGH new cat management laws come into effect tomorrow, aimed at reducing the number of unwanted moggies in Tasmania.

Under the laws only registered cat owners will be allowed to breed the animals to reduce the number of dumped kittens turning feral.

Owners who allow their unregistered cats to breed could face fines or have their pets confiscated.

Cat owners in rural areas will be forced to ensure their cats do not wander from home.

Farmers with livestock will be allowed to humanely kill stray cats if they are more than 1km from another house. Previously, landowners could kill dogs on their property, but not cats.

The move, aimed at protecting farm animals and wildlife, has been welcomed by the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association and Environment Tasmania.

Farmers are concerned that cats spread toxoplasmosis, a disease spread through cats which harms unborn sheep.

Feral cats are also considered a pest for wildlife and native animals.

RSPCA chief executive Ben Sturges said the organisation welcomed the move.

“It goes a long way towards pushing people to be more responsible,” he said.

Mr Sturges encouraged people to have their cats microchipped and desexed in preparation for the new law.

“We hope this legislation will ultimately see fewer feral cats and unwanted kittens coming through our shelters,” he said.

But Mr Sturges said the RSPCA would be monitoring the actions of farmers to ensure cats were dealt with humanely.

The new cat legislation is on the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment website.

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3 responses to “Cat laws to target dumping

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  2. Christy

    RSPCA what organisations would approve? none that we know in “Animal Welfare” maybe high kill centre’s like themselves would be elated.
    Once again ignorance and scaremongering is at the forefront of the DPI’s new laws. How much longer do we have to put up with their incompetency and stupidity. Every “animal welfare” move they have ever made has been disastrous and created a crime against animals like the caged hens, pig stalls, live export and it is never ending the public demanding that these horrendous acts be reversed which some states have now done. Now they want us to get involved in the natural eco system by killing feral cats, next they will be baiting all the rats and mice, then the rabbits and oh don’t forget the fox’s and now what do we have? secondary baiting of almost every other animal that makes up our “wildlife”.
    The only pest to our wildlife and native animals is the DPI/Agriculture Department. How many millions of dollars do these swallow up of our taxpayers funds making these ludicrous laws just to have them rescinded and killing more wildlife that any cat could do. It is time they were dismantled.

  3. Maggie

    RSPSA got it wrong! RSPCA must protect all unwanted, neglected and unfortunate animals and not promoting killing. Killing feral cats will not stop dumping. People who dump cats and kittens are ignorant and cruel. They do not care if the cats will be killed after they dump them. PLEASE HELP FERAL CATS.

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