Dr Rob Zammit supports compulsory desexing at Campbelltown pound

MacArthur Chronicle; 2 Jul 12 by Dennis Clough

CELEBRITY vet Dr Rob Zammit has supported calls from a Campbelltown animal welfare group for all dogs and cats at Campbelltown pound to be desexed.

Dr Zammit (pictured), who operates the Vineyard Veterinary Hospital as well as appearing on radio and TV, said all dogs and cats – male and female – should be desexed at all pound facilities.

His comments back a call from POUND CC, the organisation set up to lobby for changes to practices at the Campbelltown Animal Care Facility.

Campbelltown Council is continuing with the trial desexing of all male dogs sold from the facility as it works through 28 recommendations for change, which were adopted by the council last year.

Dr Zammit said desexing would significantly reduce the number of animals being put down in animal care facilities as well as improving the quality of life of animals.

Dr Zammit said 6000 animals were euthanised each week in Australia and compared this with Helsinki in Finland, which has compulsory desexing, and recorded just 40 unwanted animals admitted to its pound last year.

“It’s a no-brainer, it does not cost anything for them to implement and I think it is time for councils or the NSW government to make animal desexing at pounds compulsory.”



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