Jail dog finds his home

The daily examiner; 13 July 2012

Good news everyone...Ralph the Save our Gaol mascot dog has been claimed by his owners!

THE STAYER: Toni Ensbey of Grafton with the dog that stayed with them at the Grafton Jail picket, who they’ve nicknamed Ralph. Photo Adam Hourigan

ONE of the picketers camped outside Grafton Jail didn’t know when to call it off.

“Ralph” a sizable dog that became an unofficial picket mascot, was still there on Thursday after the prison trucks left and the protesters went home.

But one protester, Toni Ensbey, took pity on him and he is now at her Fry St home, with the family’s two other dogs.

“We can’t keep him,” Toni said. “Now that my husband has lost his job at the jail, we can barely afford to keep our two dogs.”

Mrs Ensbey said Ralph, as she has christened him, is a lovely, older dog.

“He has a beautiful nature and really gets on well with children,” she said.

“The vet said he hasn’t been microchipped, but he’s obviously been well looked after.”

Mrs Ensbey said some friends have given her money to feed him, but when that runs out, she will be forced to take him to Grafton Pound.

Anyone who wants a friendly older dog who gets on well with other pets and people can phone Toni on 6642 5886.


Good news everyone…Ralph the Save our Gaol mascot dog has been claimed by his owners! We’ve spoke to Toni who said his owners couldn’t believe how far he’d wondered. His real name is Hector. A great ending for everyone.



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3 responses to “Jail dog finds his home

  1. Jan Baker

    Great news Toni….what a lovely person you are to take Hector into your home….good luck with the Picketing….the Government should be standing behind all you hard workers…..good luck to Hector as well…what a beautiful boy…..,please tell the owners to get him microchipped…only cost them about $25….best of luck

  2. selwyn marock

    Good to hear some good news on Monday Morning.Good Luck Hector.

  3. Hectors owners need to get him microchipped immediatley and purchase a disc with his name and contact details.This is the law and it is what any person who cares about animals does.

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