Tighten leash on these dogs

  • Editorial ; From:Herald Sun ; July 21, 2012

LAWS condemning pit bull and pit bull-crosses have come rushing back to bite the Baillieu Government.

People who love their dogs are defending them in court and winning more cases than they are losing.

The Government must therefore redraft what is difficult, but necessary, legislation.

No one can argue against the need to safeguard the public from dangerous dogs, such as the pit bull-cross that killed four-year-old Ayen Chol last year.

The dog ran into the family home and mauled the girl in front of her horrified mother. The attack followed other incidents involving pit bull and pit bull-crosses, but the same problem that prevented such dogs from being put down then is again preventing successful prosecutions against their owners.

When is a pit bull a pit bull? Owners argued their dogs were more cross than pit bull, and attempts to set new standards to identify the dogs are failing.

Dog owners, are often incensed at the actions of council inspectors who have seized dogs they suspect of being pit bulls.

The owners have argued successfully at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to save them.

Some vets, unwilling to destroy healthy dogs, are refusing to carry out council orders.

Restricted breed laws have seen some 150 dogs put down, with perhaps 20 still on council pound “death rows”.

Owners argue it should be “the deed of the dog, not the breed of the dog” that determines their fate.

This is the sort of emotional language that inevitably surrounds cases involving a much-loved family pet, a dog used for hunting or one kept because its owners like fierce and intimidating dogs.

The flaw in the deed-versus-breed argument is that someone has to be savaged or threatened by a dog in front of witnesses before authorities can act. The Government needs to jerk their leash. Tighten the law and get rid of dogs that in rare cases kill, but often maim. There is no moral argument for keeping them.

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2 responses to “Tighten leash on these dogs

  1. companionanimalnews

    What a stupid and bigoted editorial……….

  2. companionanimalnews

    Posted on Rescued with Love: In Victoria we are well versed in seeing LDH CEO Graeme Smith wage war against pitbulls – his influence over Minister for Agriculture Peter Walsh is well documented as BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) was given a silver bullet straight into our Legislation after the death of Ayen Chol.

    Continuing on 12 months later, we see a heavily biased and light weight piece of journalism from the Herald Sun – declaring Pitbulls have lost their right to live in our state. The article is insulting for those with reason and intelligence, but has no doubt hit a wide part of the community ready to believe that this is gospel and therefore should be agreed with.


    It is this kind of sensationalism that can do alot of damage to those who have loving pets who would not harm neither man nor beast, are cared for, and are cross bred bully type dogs, who resemble the so called ‘villian’ – the Pitbull. Instead of identifying dangerous and aggressive dogs of any nature in our community, we are seeing indiscriminate seizure of dogs (because of the way they look) and systematically eradicated because of our laws. Like Bear and Koda, who had never done a thing wrong in their lives, were seized when their owner went to register them with his local council. Good on the vet who was supposed to euthanase the dogs and refused. Another vet was found to do the deed and subsequently two happy healthy dogs died. Our laws do not make us proud at times like this.


    In Canada, a case is starting to rage, just like the case in Belfast which saw Lennox killed, and such a shocking travesty for animal welfare on so many levels, that dog was failed in its care while impounded, the owners unable to see, know or be with their beloved pet, who had never attacked or hurt anyone for more than two years until it died under suspected suspicious circumstances.

    Wicca – who got excited and scratched a woman you see is the wrong breed. If Wicca was a labrador, or a Great Dane, Wicca would be home with her family right now. But Wicca, a staffy, fits the identification of being a pitbull. And the court has deemed she be put to death. Canada, and the world is watching – after Lennox (who we hope did not die in vain) because the Shelter holding Wicca – has refused to kill her.


    You think this can never happen in your home state? Oh it is. Victoria is into the extermination of all dogs who look like a pitbull. Never mind that they are, or are not, they cannot be proved to BE a pitbull, there is no DNA testing or genetic proof, therefore they ARE and sentenced to death. Lilla, who lives in Hume Council is one caught up in this farce of a law.


    Has history taught us nothing? In the US there used to be Public Toilets. For Men, Women and Blacks. When you sat on a public bus, whites sat at the front, blacks at the back. There were schools for blacks and schools for whites. Yes because of the way people looked. Just like BSL. Because of the way a dogs looks. In South Africa aparteid sat alive and well – distinguishing from how people were different from each other creating mayhem and misery for all concerned. And wars on people exterminated for their race, or beliefs. We still face it today in terrorism, the systematic killing of people who look, behave and believe different to others – and yet Graeme Smith and Peter Walsh think BSL is a good idea?? What happens if pitbulls were humans – would they still hunt them down and kill them when they had done nothing wrong? Go into people’s homes and remove their family members, seize them, hold them indefinitely then kill them because they look a certain way?

    How can we move forward as a society with these laws in place? How can we progress and stand for understanding of the worlds differences if we cannot do it at home with something as fundamental as owning a pet?

    BSL will become a thing of the past. Like segregated schools, like travelling down the back of the bus. Like killing, because you look like something. Go Wicca. We hope you make it. And if you do not, let the next and the next, until this law is history and we can hang our heads in exhaustion fighting for what is right. For all dogs of good nature to be safe from systematic and legal murder.

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