Poor animal kill statistics aired on TV

The Daily Liberal, Lisa Minner, September 25th 2012

LAWYER for Companion Animals and animal advocate Anne Greenaway has played a part in the production of an SBS Insight program called The Tail End.

The show will highlight the high level of kill rates occurring in RSPCA shelters and council pounds around Australia.

In the last financial year in NSW 56,000 cats and dogs were euthanised.

Ms Greenaway said she had been working tirelessly to offer practical solutions to end the killing.

In addition to distributing thousands of virtual flyers via Facebook and email, the lawyer has been hitting the streets around Dubbo doing letter box drops advertising the program.

Ms Greenaway said she hopes people will take the time to watch the show to better understand the plight of companion animals who end up in pounds and shelters.

She said there were three people on the show’s panel discussing situations they had faced with animals they had fostered or worked with.

One of those people is Geoff Davidson, a foster carer from Newcastle, who will tell his story involving a dog called Max.

According to Ms Greenaway, Mr Davidson fostered the dog for a few weeks.

She said Max was eventually killed because he failed a temperament test despite video footage showing his behaviour appeared “quite normal”.

“I spent around two or three hours speaking with the SBS journalist/producer and helping her find people who had stories to tell or who have been involved in the industry at some level and who had seen first-hand what goes on with the large scale killing of companion animals,” she said.

Ms Greenaway said she hopes people will watch the program “with eyes wide open”.

“There should be a proper independent animal welfare authority that is completely impartial and include all people’s input,” she said.

“There should be no vested interest in any of this.”

Ms Greenaway said the program would make people aware that many animal welfare agencies were not doing the right thing by their animals.

She said she would ultimately like to see more shelters and pounds work in with animal rescue groups, to get the best results for animals.

The program airs tonight on SBS at 8.30pm.


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One response to “Poor animal kill statistics aired on TV

  1. Jan Baker

    Great program….brought a lot to the surface….the public should know just what goes on behind the scenes….more shows like this would be great for the dogs & cats…it would show the public just how much suffering is going on in these puppy factories….which should be closed down….change the laws to protect the animals….the program was full of information but not enough time was allowed to show some puppy farms in action….good work!!

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