State debate proposed for RSPCA NSW on animal kill rates

Daily Liberal, October 2, 2012

LAWYER for Companion Animals Anne Greenaway has put forward a challenge to debate the NSW RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman on television about the statistics within the RSPCA report for 2011.

The lawyer wants to challenge the medical and behavioural reasons for the excessive animal killings occurring daily within the state.

Ms Greenaway is calling for the RSPCA to make the temperament test or behavioural assessment, available to the public.

“I fail to understand how open admission council pounds working with community rescue groups have kill rates under 20 per cent,” she said.

“Yet the RSPCA kill rate is over 50 per cent for cats and dogs combined.”

Please go to the original story to vote on Should the RSPCA answer allegations of engaging in ‘misleading and deceptive conduct’?



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2 responses to “State debate proposed for RSPCA NSW on animal kill rates

  1. Anna Charlton

    Make desexing of All Pets COMPULSORY , microchip, and shut down ALL Puppy farms.

    DONT breed or buy while shelter Pets die .

    Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2012 01:24:21 +0000 To:

  2. Catty Bates

    Yep, Coleman got away with too, too much on “Insight”. He was able to quote stats that had the studio agog, wondering where on earth his figures were coming from. The whole set up of the “Insight” programme was to put zero pressure on anyone except for those wanting change, when the truth is, it’s the RSPCA who are the ones in the exceptional position of being able to wring real change. The role of the RSPCA in our society should be that of groundbreaker, not maintainer of status quo and the path of least resistance.
    And once the figures are there, agreed upon, we can then have the debate that is becoming more and more urgent. But Coleman was allowed to talk and run, with zero cross examination of his position. If he feels that he shouldn’t be held accountable… then he should resign and let the job go to someone who understands that the RSPCA is a service industry to the community and it’s animals. I don’t understand why he feels he should be allowed to sit back and let animals die needlessly and anyone questioning that is unreasonable.
    I’m sure McDonalds are hiring managers… Woolies… I don’t think anyone will be storming the counters over the kill rate of the sesame seed buns…

    If you can’t handle the heat…

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