Claws out in kill rate debate

Daily Liberal, By LISA MINNER Oct. 4, 2012

A Dubbo woman’s campaign calling on the RSPCA to come clean about its kill rates has continued to polarise the community.

Earlier this week, companion animal lawyer Anne Greenaway challenged RSPCA NSW chief executive officer Steve Coleman to justify the medical and behavioural tests it uses to decide whether animals in its care should be euthanased.

She also challenged Mr Coleman to a televised debate on the issue.

Ms Greenaway said the RSPCA was duty-bound to explain to the public, many of whom donated to the organisation, the basis for its so-called “temperament test”, which was used to evaluate an animal’s suitability for rehoming.

Readers inundated the Daily Liberal website with opinions on the issue and voted on a poll.

The poll asked “Should the RSPCA answer allegations of engaging in ‘misleading and deceptive’ conduct?”

It resulted in a resounding 400 ‘yes’ votes, equalling 93.9 per cent of the total. The remaining 6.1 per cent, or 26 votes, opted for ‘no’.

Responses on the websites came from all across Australia.

Oils said: “I would love this debate to happen and would watch with interest. With the funds the RSPCA get rehoming rates should be higher. Let’s get this into the open. RSPCA used to get heaps of my dollars. Not any more.”

Harlzs said: “What I want to know, is how long have you worked in these places so you can then have a true view on their kill rate. Not every animal can be rehabilitated. What about dogs that kill innocent people? Do we not put them down? Not every animal can be saved.”

Spongebob said: “I can tell you the RSPCA runs at a loss. There is no profit. It costs more to prepare an animal for adoption than the adoption fee itself. This is then without the cost of wages, running costs etc. Euthanasia is terrible for anyone to deal with, the community seems to forget the animals come from the community. They should be the ones to be held accountable not the RSPCA.”

Dee said: “If Steve Coleman has nothing to hide, as he claims, then he should have no problem accepting the challenge.”

At the time of print the Daily Liberal was awaiting a reply from Mr Coleman’s office regarding Ms Greenaway’s challenge.

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