NSW Government must aim for zero euthenasia of healthy pets – Greens NSW

Media Release – Cate Faehrmann, October 9, 2012

Responding to reports of high euthanasia rates at RSPCA animal rescue facilities, Greens MP and animal welfare spokesperson Cate Faehrmann says that ultimate responsibility for high euthanasia rates of companion animals rests with the NSW Government because of inadequate regulation of the pet industry and the resulting over supply of domestic cats and dogs.

“It is heartbreaking to know that so many cats and dogs are being euthanised for no good reason. The government needs to urgently address the source of the problem: over supply from greedy puppy farms that aren’t regulated effectively,” said Ms Faehrmann.

“The NSW Government is receiving advice from the Companion Animals Taskforce. Their report should be released publicly and the government needs to respond with urgent law reform and a significant injection of resources. Every year tens of thousands of animals are being put down unnecessarily so there cannot be any delay.

“If we had an industry that was less able to take advantage of impulse purchasing we wouldn’t have such appallingly high rates of unwanted animals being put down.  At the moment the industry is simply selling as many dogs and cats as possible. The NSW Government must put responsibility back on the breeders to breed and sell responsibly,” said Ms Faehrmann.

The Greens are calling for a comprehensive strategy involving all stakeholders to get the euthanasia rates for healthy animals to zero, including initiatives such as:

  • breeder licencing
  • an end to puppy farms
  • high volume low cost de-sexing programs to control unplanned breeding; and
  • incentives to encourage people to purchase from pounds and rescue shelters such as lower pet registration fees.

48,000 cats and 68,800 dogs have been impounded annually since 2008/09 and 30,300 cats and 21,600 dogs were euthanased in 2010/2011.

Media contact: Peter Stahel  0433 005 727


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