Poppy puts on a brave face again for Bondi Vet Chris Brown

ZOE NAUMAN; The Sunday Telegraph; November 04, 2012

Poppy the dog was rescued by Dr Chris

TV vet Chris Brown rescued Poppy from Fiji, where she was injured and about to be put down. He hopes to reconstruct her face Picture: Stephen Cooper Source: The Daily Telegraph

WITH her face butchered by a machete, the future looked bleak for Poppy the stray pup.

But Bondi vet Dr Chris Brown has come to the dog’s rescue, flying the canine from Fiji to Sydney for life-saving reconstructure surgery.

Poppy suffered horrendous injuries after she was accidentally struck by a man in a feral pig hunt.

Dr Brown said: “It looked like she would be put down, but luckily someone found her and helped her. Her injuries are very confronting and very serious, but she is a lovely little dog with a good heart and we really want to help her.”

Poppy has been in quarantine at Eastern Creek, where Dr Brown says she has to remain for three weeks before she is transferred to the Small Animal Specialist Hospital in North Ryde.

Severely mutilated with the front section of her snout missing from below her eyes as well as her ears missing, she was brought into the Nadi Animals Clinic & Shelter in March after being seen scavenging for food by the headmaster of the Kavanagasau Secondary College, in Sigatoka.

Dr Brown said: “We are planning to do reconstructive surgery on her … She must be in a lot of pain all the time.”

The vet will assist in the operation with Dr Andrew Marchevsky, and the process to rebuild her nose will take a few hours.

“It’s going to be a very delicate process, but hopefully it will help give her a much better quality of life and limit the infections that she could get because of her injury.”

Lynn Scott from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Nadi said: “It is a miracle that this little dog is alive.

“It was a terrible thing … the man never made any effort to get help for her, and he left her to starve.”



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18 responses to “Poppy puts on a brave face again for Bondi Vet Chris Brown

  1. companionanimalnews

    I am really struggling with conflicting emotions on this one. On the one hand I think it wonderful that Chris Brown (or maybe the TV network?) has paid for Poppy’s flight to Australia and for the expensive re constructive surgery. On the other hand I am asking why are people going to Fiji and spending a huge amount of money to save a badly maimed dog’s life, when there are thousands of HEALTHY dogs (and ill dogs) in our own shelters and pounds that will be killed?? Would anyone spend that amount of money on a maimed Australian dog here? I doubt it, it would be euthenased without a thought. I’d like the answer to that, and also to the question “what is Chris Brown doing about our own pound animal situation?” I note that Chris Brown is an ambassador for the RSPCA, who get a mention in this article.

    I’d welcome your opinions on this…….

    • Lee Patterson

      Why can’t we help all dogs? After all, man did this terrible thing to this dog and left it there to die or suffer terribly. I think there is a little mean streak in your story. All creatures great and small need help. Good on you Chris. Try and let us know how this operation goes and good luck.

      • Lynette

        I just saw the story on Bondi Vet and The lady who looked after Poppy in Fiji actually fundraised for 7months to get Poppy to Australia for her surgery! So it is not Australia spending the money to save the dog! Be thankful there are kind people in this world that save animals!

      • Lee Dowker

        yes , the Govt should spend more to save animals & spend less on themselves….its always people who have big hearts & spend their own money to save animals…after all everyone should love animals…we lost our home, went broke, saving animals….& now we have lost everything but still save animals….

    • Trav

      Is it possible not to turn negative about every little good deed someone does. Yes im sure Chris is well aware of the thousands of animals in australian pounds and there plight. At the end of the day no matter where the animal is, a dog has been given a second chance at life, a life that a heartless human intended on ending.Next time you try and compare apples with apples, maybe stop and think of how much this dog has suffered and how much greater good her story will help all other animals no matter where they are.

  2. Jan Baker

    Yes I would like to take him to some of the pounds where I see some really sick & in very poor condition, but these dogs won’t be looked after by the councils…they will be looked after by the rescues who are always there to help any dog or cat in need….then the others will be PTS as there will be no funding to help them….I feel sorry for little Poppy..,& I like Chris Brown…but I feel that there is some publicity here….maybe this little pet should have been PTS as she has horrific injuries & in pain…..there are ways of looking after animals & sometimes we don’t like what we have to do….but for the dog we do it…..I hate the thought of this story being for publicity & not for Poppy…….I wish her well…..

    • Lee Patterson

      I don’t believe it is a publicity stunt and why should Poppy be put down if reconstruction to her face can be done. Do we put down humans because of horrific injuries? No, we try to help.

  3. companionanimalnews

    You miss my point Lee; of course all dogs, no matter where they are, should be saved, no argument from me on that one. Perhaps I didn’t express myself correctly. My point is to ask the question “what is Chris Brown doing about the many thousands of healthy animals that are needlessly killed here on our own doorstep in Australia?” I don’t know if he is or isn’t, but I haven’t seen anything, have you? Yes, of course I suspect this is a PR stunt; good for Poppy.

    • Samantha

      He does his best in his work and that is why so many people respect him and look up to him. What is anybody doing to help the needlessly killed healthy animals? Nothing…So why, just because he is a veterinarian, should Dr Chris stop doing his best for animals he is presented with everyday in need of his help? If he was to turn away many animals that need his help he would be criticized for doing so, he should be able to carry on with his fantastic work without this crap. Without him helping so many animals a large percentage of people wouldn’t be so inspired to become a qualified veterinarian or veterinary nurse.

  4. michelle

    No I don’t believe this is a publicity stunt at all. Good on Chris Brown for what he is doing, Stop having a go at him and give positive praise for helping this poor dog.

  5. Tears all the way thru watching, impossible trying to imagine who & why this terrible injury was inflicted on such a darling little dog Poppy, thank god she has made it & she deserves all the loving & attention her new owners can give her, she is so special, thank god for Chris & Andrew, wonderful human beings….

  6. Diana

    please when ever one referres to “God” always have the respect to use Capital Letters at all time. He is our creator and we need to pray that all humans look after the animals God left in our care and ask ourselves what we can do and not just leave it to Chris Brown!!!!! Diana Pack

    • Well…SORRY…GOD…OK…DOESN’T MATTER BIG OR SMALL DOES IT!…what is wrong with people todyay , always ready t critisise..you may not know that I have been involved with animal rescue for many years, we have rescued death row dogs & rehomed them , we rescued mini ponies, one 20yrs old, had a foal every year of her life, her old back was swayed & u could count every rib, no matter what she was fed her ribs always showed, after a couple of months we went to feed her one morning & there was a tiny foal next to her, she never even showed she was pregnent, she was a good mum, although we bottle fed the foal as extra, this foal was no bigger than a medium size dog..we now have 3 mini ponies & rescue chihuahuas, some dumped, unwanted, cruely treated, some stilll so scared of people & spend the day in hiding, but with love & care they will come around, ..we have devoted our lives to animals, no holidays for us in 20 yrs, no new cars my car is 16yrs old, no social life , not even a meal at MacDonalds, we sacrifice evrything to give to our animals, our animals come first before people, we have been hurt badly in the past by many things that have happened, 6 yrs ago my partner of 25yrs injured his back at work in a forklift accident, he was never able to return to work, he got a pathetic payout, the bank had it all & now after a 2yr battle the bank is taking our home, we have 6wks to get out & can;t find anywhere to go with our animals, we may have to live in our car & the animals live in the dog trailer & horse float, there is no help out there & no one cares, my partner collapsed last year & stopped breathing, the overwhelming stress took hold on him, he was put into a coma for 2 days & hospital for 10days, he is a broken man, he worked his guts out for 20yrs with 2 jobs & now we have lost everything, where we go so do our animals, they are our family, our babies, 7wks ago we lost a little 11yrs old girl, in the family, an adopted grandaughter from cancer, she had lost her sight, her ability to walk & talk & the use of her left arm, she could only scribble words on a board, she had an inoperable brainstem tumour, some years ago my 17yr old son was critically injured in a 130km motor bike crash & after 7 hrs we had to watch the doctors turn off the life support….I’m waiting for spinal surgery, my back condition has deteriorated after 6yrs ag slipped on a greasy chip in a shop & have been fighting ever since for compensation for on going treatment for a better quality of life, maybe GOD has given Chris the love & ability to save animals & thats what I love about him, any one who help animals is OK by me, as for people thats another story…to see a little dog Poppy going thru pure Hell & still showing love for everyone who helps her is unbelievable, its beyond belief what she has gone thru, its something that will be with me for ever, this is why we tryto help animals they never stab u in the back & they give unconditional love….now in 6wks we will be homeless, the Commonwealth Bank have just made a profit of $4billion so far this year, last year $7.1 billion profit, they pay their big fatcat CEO’S $$Millions a year to live like kings, they sent 300 staff to FiJI last Xmas for a holiday, costing $450.000 just in accomodation at 2 top hotels, they have just sunk another $20 million into cricket sponsership, yet they throw people out of their homes, victims of illness, accident, injury , job loss, families forced out into the street, little kids forced to sleep in the car, crying they want to go home & what does this cruel heartless bank care about people, they are only there to rip them off to make money from them, now its our turn, we are to aged pensioners, so ill with overwhelming stress, suffering physical injuries & we are treated like a piece of rubbish to be thrown out into the street, taking our little home of 15 yrs, we have been victims of a scammer saying he is from the Com Bank & knew everything about what was happening, the bank has remained red faced about it all feeling it may be internal,this bank has sabotaged any effort we made to try to sell a couple of year ago when our health was better & we could have coped with a move, the day before an auction to sell our home the bank rang & told us to cancel the auction as they were allowing us to remain in our home & would look at options, I have the name of the person…all denied…they took us to court 5 times last year, each time adjourned, continued to play with us like an amusement toy, now we can’t find anywhere to go that is animal friendly, I’m not losing our family, our babies, they are our life, over 40 dogs I’ve buried over the last 25yrs of being involved with animal rescue, many times I’ve been up all night, nursed sick old dying dogs to the end, heartbroken like the first time, being with them to the end when they have to be put to sleep at the vets, we have taken many old dogs that no one wants, maybe only given them 12-18 mths quality of life before their time, wondering what sort of past life they had….so don’t tell me to write GOD in capital letters, big or small he is still GOD.

      • Samantha

        You are such an inspirational person! I totally agree that Chris is a fantastic person and he has inspired me to become a vet nurse and help animals in need too. I hope all goes well for you.

  7. Alison

    Lee, words can’t describe the massive amount of pain you’ve all suffered for such a long time. I dearly hope that someone somewhere is able to help you all (family pets and all). I know so many people at the moment that are going through such never ending pain. It’s hard to see the logic of a system where profits rise at decent human beings expense. We have lost our heart and soul some of us along the way. At least animals and hopefully the odd special human being can show us a light in a very bleak world. My thoughts and prayers go with you. Little Poppy will reach many a heart and do miracles. It doesn’t matter where she’s from. You see she’s already got us talking and thinking about things hasn’t she?

  8. Samantha

    Dr Chris helps as many animals as he can. It’s not his fault that dogs in pounds get put down..it’s the heartless people that run the pounds and make the choice to put the dogs down. Dr Chris puts 100% into his work and I admire him for it, I don’t disrespect him for not visiting endless numbers of dogs in need because at the end of the day he is only human too!

  9. Claire

    Diana, to make such a trivial comment to Lee about the way she spelt “god”, you must have no heart. Poppy’s story is bigger than your bigotry, but you wouldn’t know as you are too busy about some insignificant small stuff. You should be apologising to Lee who unlike you is doing something much more important than putting a capital letter to a word.
    Regarding all the other comments form people who question the necessity to help Poppy while thousands of dogs die in Australian pounds: Poppy has helped raised awarenes of the mistreatment of dogs in Fiji, and has thus has created the Poppy Appeal Fund to raises money to help other mitreated dogs in Fiji. With this money, vets can be sent to Fiji to provide neutering, surgery and other treatments to animals who would otherwise die in agony over a long period of time. Without Chris Brown, Sashs and all the people who helped Poppy, none of this would have been possible.

  10. Apology isn’t necessary, we all have our beliefs…its animals I focus on…would love to see the progress of Poppy on future Bondi Vets episodes…often she is in my thoughts…if only she could talk but I guess how she reacts to human kindness, love & care says it all…all I am fearing right now is for the safety for my partner, my beloved animals & myself, just under 3 wks we will be homeless, for the first time in my 67yrs I will not have a roof over my head, its so hard to find rental with animals, many people aren’t real animal lovers & say one dog, outside…we have 20 small dogs, 3 mini ponies, one goat that we saved from death’s door, her feet so bad she walked on her knees, had phenemonia & was left laying on the ground to die, the owner didn’t care & said he hadn’t had time to take her to a vet, he said take her & u spend the money, we scooped her up , put her in the caged trailer & straight to the vet, it cost $100 well spent, antibiotics, vitamin injections, plenty or good food, warm shelter & in a week she was back with us, her feet badly needed trimming, so its done every 6-8 wks…she is so loveable, we called her Lucybell…she still gets around on her knees at times but I reckon after all the pain she went thru with her long hoofs its become a bit of a habit…she is just a great little goat, British Alpine….the bank doesn’t care if in 3 wks we are out in the street, I keep searching,I pray we will find an animal friendly property, an old farmhouse type place with a bit of land for our babies, they are our family, our kids,’we are becoming so ill with the stress of 2 yrs of fighting this bank who did wrong to us, but rather than admit they would sooner take our home of 15yrs & see us out in the streets.,my partner worked 20yrs with 2 jobs, he had a forklift accident at work & suffered a severe back injury & cant work anymore, this also bought on severe depression , I have to keep being strong for my partner & my animals, believe me there is not much help out there, after 2yrs of fighting, its very hard…as long as we find a place to rent with our animals that’s all we need for the rest of our lives…..what this Comm Bank has done to us is criminal….they put no value on a human life ….we are inSA. if anyone knows of a property to rent please contact us…..

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