Puppy farms off leash as government dismisses legislation

Sunshine Coast Daily; Kate Clifford; 8th Nov 2012

THE State Government has thrown out legislation that would have stopped unlawful puppy farms and cruel backyard breeding programs.

The proposed new law, which received bipartisan support in 2011, was tabled with the previous government six weeks before this year’s election.

Mandatory registration of animal breeders and criminalising those who did not comply with the law were keys to the legislation.

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said illegal breeding programs and cruelty against animals would have been slashed if the legislation was approved.

“Animal welfare groups across Queensland had been pushing for years to see a registration for breeders,” Mr Beatty said.

“The registration would mean that breeders would have their contact information and address on record.

“It would make it illegal for people to breed and sell animals if they did not register as a breeder.”

A Biosecurity Queensland spokesperson said the Government would rely on councils to ensure the management of breeders.

“All Queensland councils are required to register dogs under the Animal Management Act, however this does not differentiate between breeding and non-breeding dogs,” the spokesman said.

More than 40 animals were being handed to shelters across the Sunshine Coast each week.

4 Paws Animal Refuge president Julie Penlington said the high number of animals in need of help was leaving shelters in crisis.

“It is just horrible what is happening here,” Ms Penlington said.

“There is just a prolific amount of puppy mills and backyard breeding going on, with dogs being sold to anyone who will pay the money.

“There are no checks for suitable owners. There are absolutely no questions asked.

“Then a year or so down the track, these dogs turn up on our door step because the people who brought them don’t want them anymore.”

Sunshine Coast rangers stumbled across two dogs stranded in Beerwah State Forest last week.

One of the poodles was dead, while the other was severely injured and frightened.

Mrs Penlington said the poodles might have been abandoned in the forest for weeks.

“This is just another example of how cruel people are,” she said.

The high influx of unwanted animals has meant more than 40 additional 4 Paws foster carers have had to be sourced.

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12 responses to “Puppy farms off leash as government dismisses legislation

  1. companionanimalnews

    This is such a backward step – what is wrong with these governments; please go on line to the article and vote in the opinion poll; better still write to Newman and tell him what you think of his government…..

  2. companionanimalnews

    One readers comment” You just gotta wonder. Something very commonsense thrown out. There should be little need to even debate it, just bring it into law. I guess someone else will continue to clean up the mess, like 4 Paws. The reader poll shows how far out of line the government is on this issue. What do councils do about puppy farms and their owners now? Absolutely nothing, as has always been the case. This legislation would have, at least, given some clout to confront the problem.”
    What motivates this LNP mob? No money in it for them or their mates? Sometimes I shake my head in disbelief…

  3. Lee

    Terribly disappointing. Just goes to show that the major parties don’t really care about animals at all, unless they think it might help them get elected. Once elected, they’ll abandon them. Have written to the Premier.

  4. christy

    It is hard to understand why common sense does not prevail when it comes to government. I think the calibre of people we are attracting to these posts is very questionable and definitely not of the stand that we require to make the right decisions that is required and that the public demand. Make sure you note these people and do not vote for them in the next election. We need an independent body for animal Welfare DPI cannot be the farmers voice and regulate and prosecute itself.

  5. Terrie White

    The Queensland government has sentenced hundreds, if not thousands, of animals to lives for cruel torture and should, therefore, be held responsible. as any individual would be, in the justice system for animal cruelty and murder. This makes the Queensland government as guilty as any person charged with animal cruelty and murder.

  6. Melissa Rimac

    I bet the animals are wishing that the Bligh government won the election.
    Shame on Newman. What does it take to get them to act in the interest of compassion on justice.

  7. what is the logic of this decision!! It’s beyond infuriating. It’s a welfare catastrophe!

  8. Jan Baker

    The Animals have no voice…it is our voice that must be heard….It obvious that animals are way down the governments agenda…..they simply don’t care….their puppy farmer mates are giving hand outs to their government mates so everything is sweet for them…..but the animals….WHAT ANIMALS!!!!

  9. unbelievable, if anyone had seen the state and conditions of the two rescue dogs i have from puppy farms drop in will be glad to show you the sickening video.. the puppy farmer was jailed as she was also a top show judge apparently.. now shes back in business and profits tax free one would assume.. disgraceful lot of politicians you are..

  10. oh yes and i saw poodles whose legs were permanently bent, because they could never stand in their filthy cages.

  11. Hate Puppy farmers!

    Can anyone hear the word “PAYOFF” here?

  12. selwyn marock

    Disgraceful,what do these Morons do all day?

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