Tasmania – Animal Welfare Act Review

Sunday Tasmanian – Pet Column for Nov 11th; Anne Boxall

Animal Welfare Act Review

There are just five days left to have your say on Tasmania’s Animal Welfare Act.

A review of the Act is underway in an attempt to ensure it keeps pace with community attitudes on animal welfare and provides the level of protection we expect for animals. The submission process closes at 5pm on Friday 16th November.

A user-friendly form is available at www.dpiw.tas.gov.au, along with a discussion paper providing the detail.

The Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) has tailored the review around certain issues, including animal cruelty offences, prosecutions and penalties, the welfare of animals kept for breeding purposes, the removal of animals from ‘at risk’ situations, as well as proposals around the operation of their own committee.

The on-line submission form allows for short-form comments or further writing to suggest alternatives where you might feel the review proposals falls short. There is space at the end of the form to raise any issues or proposals you think are important as part of this review but haven’t already been covered.

A proposal to broaden the responsibility for animals at risk to include a dedicated unit of Tasmania Police to inspect animal cruelty cases and the need to implement a breeder permit or licensing system to regulate puppy and kitten farming are two issues that are likely to be raised by respondents. Breeder permit systems have already been implemented in some states and are a ‘work in progress’ in others.

Nationally consistency is important to protect the animals involved. As the purpose of the Animal Welfare Act is to prevent cruelty and ensure the welfare of animals, pastimes such as rodeos, duck-shooting and mutton-birding are also likely to attract comment, along with the management of livestock.

This is your chance to let the Government know what the community’s expectations are – don’t miss it.

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One response to “Tasmania – Animal Welfare Act Review

  1. Jan Baker

    It’s about time the Government came down hard on people that have been found to be cruel to animals….the punishment doesn’t fit the crime….it has to be harsher with harder penalties…these people should not be allowed to own an animal once they have been charged with cruelty….why give them a second chance….an animal shouldn’t have to be a victim to these inhumane people….

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