Kirby pushes for animal protection rethink

ABC News Suzanne Smith Thurs 9 Aug 2012

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby is arguing for a rethink of laws governing animal protection and live exports, pointing to research showing closer genetic links between humans and other animals.

“They are not just things , or objects………”

Watch this video here………



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2 responses to “Kirby pushes for animal protection rethink

  1. Jan Baker

    Well Mr Michael Kirby for Prime Minister….what a caring person who is understanding the feeling of animals….which is more than I can say for our government…..people like Michael Kirby are the ones who will fight for the rights of animals…..yes animals do have feelings same as we do…they feel pain, love & suffering as we do…..why should we let this happen….let’s all fight for the animals ..

  2. Jan Baker I couldn’t agree with you more!! Michael Kirby is the man for all of us animal lovers and for the helpless animals themselves Good on him to stand up for these poor animals! They don’t harm us why should we harm them! Jan I agree MICHAEL KIRBY FOR PRIME MINISTER!!!!

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