The No Kill Equation

Nathan Winograd describes the programs and services animal shelters need to implement in order to end the killing of healthy or treatable animals. Collectively, these programs are known as the No Kill Equation

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One response to “The No Kill Equation

  1. I have been fortunate enough to experience and witness programs running in the US for a few years and the one thing that is clear to me is the evolution of animal ownership in the US and the community/social improvement in the philosophy behind adopting shelter pets. In the US the term ‘rescued pet’ is used more commonly than ‘adopted pet’ and this also provides an improvement in the mindset towards ‘adoption -vs- pet shop puppies/kittens’. The high percentage of ‘saved and rescued’ pets is supported by this mindset.
    At this point in time the vast majority of Australians do not nessecarily think like that. That said, it is improving greatly and no doubt with good promotion and programs, we can see such programs achieve the same success. Some already are, however it is something that requires time to achieve and can never replace community education towards improved pet ownership outcomes.

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