Independent office of animal welfare

On Tuesday this week Kelvin Thomson (Member for Wills) and the Member for Fremantle, Melissa Parke, proposed a motion to the Parliamentary Labor Party Caucus calling for the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare. The motion was carried and below is Kelvin’s subsequent media release regarding this matter:

Kelvin Thomson MP

Federal Member for Wills

Tuesday, 27 November 2012
Kelvin Thomson (Member for Wills) and Melissa Parke (Member for Fremantle) have welcomed the carriage by Caucus of a Motion to have the Caucus Live Animal Export Working Group develop a model for an Office of Animal Welfare.
The proposal will consider the location of the office within government, and the legal status of the office. The preferred model will be presented to Caucus by the end of February 2013.
“We are pleased that the Parliamentary Labor Party has responded to the recent revelations about the disgraceful treatment of Australian sheep exported to Bahrain and Pakistan. We hope that the Live Animal Export Working Party will come up with a model which helps secure decent and humane animal welfare outcomes. We believe this is what Australians want.”
For all media inquiries contact:
Tim Hamilton (Office of Kelvin Thomson MP) on (03) 9350 5777 or 0424 138 558
Ron Mizen (Office of Melissa Parke MP) on (08) 9335 8555 or 0409 447 025



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3 responses to “Independent office of animal welfare

  1. companionanimalnews

    I suggest that it is important that we all contact these Ministers to congratulate them and send our message of support for the position they have taken. Contact details below.

    Also please when you write to ask them to include companion animals in the eventual scope; stress in your own words the issues related to pound animals and how they are also caught up in the battle between vested commercial interests and animal welfare.

    Their focus is currently the live export trade, and they may not be thinking about factory farming or companion animal cruelty and pound killings, so let’s educate them!

    Kelvin Thomson
    Member for Wills
    3 Munro Street
    Coburg Victoria 3058
    03 9350 5777

    Melissa Parke
    Member for Fremantle
    PO Box 1224
    Fremantle, WA, 6959
    Telephone: 08) 9335 8555

  2. John Gray

    Great news – now let’s see some action!!

  3. Ummm, did the honorable member do his homework and realise there is an Animal Welfare Unit attached to the WA Department of Agriculture and Fisheries? The AWU was previously under the porfolio of the Department of Local Government.

    The AWU investigate complaints of animal welfare and are General Inspectors under the Animal Welfare Act 2002. This is the same statue that gives the RSPCA WA Inspectorate its legislative authority along with ever sworn member of the WA Police and authorises Local Government Rangers as Restricted General Inspectors within the LG District if approved by the LG CEO.

    The AWU mainly concentrates on livestock issues such as this one stated and offers legall support to RSPCA WA Inspectorate and LG RGI’s in procecutions.

    However, like most state and local government departments and services, are short staffed in this area.

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