Dog killing criteria rejected

St Mary’s Star ; Nick Soon; March 25, 2013

THE death of five dogs sparked a protest outside Blacktown Council’s civic centre on March 18.

Thirty placard-waving animal lovers gathered outside the council’s Flushcombe Road building after the dogs had been destroyed at the Blacktown Animal Holding facility the previous week.

They were angry that the animals had been killed after “failing” a temperament test.

Deputy mayor Russ Dickens, a veterinarian who heads Council Urban Animals Advisory Committee, has doubts such tests should decide the fate of dogs.

Animal Welfare League chief executive officer Tim Vasudeva said his organisation had been asked to train council pound staff to help them choose animals to be adopted.

“This is the main aim in the introduction of temperament testing,” he said.

Mr Vasudeva said he was never asked to assess the dogs for destruction.

“If asked, I would have rejected it.”

A Blacktown Council spokeswoman said the animals had been tested after concerns over aggression of dogs towards workers.

“It is the council’s social responsibility to ensure animals that are re-homed are safe and suitable.”

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