Temp tested into the kill zone: shaping the future a conversation about canine behaviour evaluations.

Veterinary behaviourist Kirsty Seksel says : “the sad reality is that many of the dogs relinquished to these groups (Rescue Groups) are not suitable for rehoming and should be euthenased in the interest of the long term welfare of the dog. Unfortunately there is little if no expertise in many of these groups to assess the suitability of these dogs for rehoming purposes”

Download  and read this article here , just copy link into your browser


Ms Seksel is CEO of ACAC ( Australian Companion Animal Council)



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4 responses to “Temp tested into the kill zone: shaping the future a conversation about canine behaviour evaluations.

  1. Jan Baker

    Well why can’t Council’s have their staff of their Holding Facilities educated in this field of assessing….have these people taught how to see if a dog is aggressive or frightened or anxious….but if nobody knows how to do it then they are just playing God by having these dogs pts….also for rescue groups who do a lot to help the council’s pounds rehome dogs, help them to know how to assess these dogs….these animals come in for all sorts of reasons…cruelty, people don’t understand their dogs, surrendered because they no longer can be bothered with the dog….so we have a lot to work on to understand how these dogs think after they have been abandoned by their owners…..i think some assessing of the owners would be a great idea….council needs to stand up & do something to help their staff understand these dogs….so we are not putting these innocent dogs to sleep…

  2. Lee

    This woman has an awful lot to answer for. She was once on radio claiming there were so few cats available that they were having to be imported from interstate. We wish!

  3. Terrie W

    This woman CLAIMS to have animals’ interests at heart?? MY GOD! Heart of STONE more like. Every single day Rescue groups across the country rehabilitate so-called ‘unrehomable’ animals with effort, time, compassion and, yes, KNOWLEDGE given in the form of animal behaviouralists who volunteer their valuable time to aid foster carers in their efforts to find suitable homes for dogs and cats.
    Despite what this stupid woman states, animal rescue groups take ENORMOUS care in rehoming animals to appropriate homes. We do not dump them on the first person or family who comes along. We ask for ten times more information than even the RSPCA in choosing an appropriate home for an animal and we do not relinquish an animal just to open up a space…as the RSPCA does every single day of the year.
    No wonder society is uneducated about the desperate situation Australia faces over the glut of dogs and cats needing good homes…if this woman is representative of what is being taught, she needs to go back to primary school and start again.

  4. Tessa Stephens

    The author of this article has ZERO credibility because she represents the pet “industry” which includes breeders and the pet food industry. An industry which has a vested interest in breeding more and more animals for profit, not for the proper care and rehoming of adult animals already here. Pathetic. Ms Seksel, you and your ACAC ( Australian Companion Animal Council) are not impartial, you do not have the best interests of animals as your top priority. Curl up and go away.

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