Pups will live to bark another day under new pets policy

Courier Mail ; ROBYN IRONSIDE; April 17, 2013

NO PUPPY put up for sale in pet shops will be put down in Queensland under a new policy announced at State Parliament yesterday.

Agriculture Minister John McVeigh joined eight-week-old pups Bobby and Phil for the announcement of an agreement between the Pet Industry Association of Australia and the RSPCA.

Under the deal, micro-chipped “ethically sourced” puppies sold through Queensland’s 140 or so PIAA member pet stores will be re-homed if abandoned or returned.

It is not known how many pups are destroyed if they are unwanted after being bought from pet shops but RSPCA CEO Mark Townend said the figure could be considerable.

About 40,000 dogs a year are put down in Queensland but that includes those euthanased for medical reasons.

PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said the new policy was about guaranteeing “happy pets for life”.

“What this policy will do will be to substantially reduce the euthanasia rate,” he said.

“Previously that dog may’ve been euthanased for no decent reason because it was unable to be rehomed. Now we’ve struck this deal with the RSPCA, they will take that dog into their care and rehome it.”

Mr Townend said contrary to common belief, the RSPCA did not put down dogs after a certain period unless there was a behavioural or medical reason to do so.

All pups sold in PIAA member stores would also be guaranteed not to come from “puppy farms”, Mr Perkins said.

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4 responses to “Pups will live to bark another day under new pets policy

  1. companionanimalnews

    At long last PIAA and RSPCA admit that many killed dogs come from pet shops. And exactly how many Queensland pet shops are PIAA members??

  2. Sonia

    It’s a pity that any animal is put up for sale in a pet shop. Pet Shops should be for pet requisites only and cats and dogs, of all ages, should come from shelters and especially not backyard breeders.

  3. Jan Bartlett

    So how much did PIAA pay RSPCA to do this? Has the RSPCA now destroyed any credibility they had?

  4. Reblogged this on Animals Deserve to Live and commented:
    Once again, Australia progresses over us.

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