RSPCA vigil will mark pet deaths

HERALD readers may be familiar with the story of Max the Pointer, killed at RSPCA Rutherford last year despite his owner being given more time to pay the impound fee, and him wearing a rescue group tag with phone number.

What is less well-known is that the RSPCA killed Max just after their 2012 Million Paws Walk fund-raiser, the start of another yearly cycle in which 50 per cent of RSPCA NSW’s combined intake of cats and dogs do not make it out of their facilities alive. 

According to RSPCA NSW’s  2012 figures, they euthanised over 14,000 cats and dogs out of an intake of 28,000.

For the RSPCA, the Million Paws Walk at Morpeth Common on May 19 is, I believe, a public relations opportunity.

It is also a chance to add to its $10 million annual profits and huge share portfolio.

For others, like myself, it is day of sorrow, a sad reminder that RSPCA’s cycle is about to start again.

That is why I am attending the Justice4Max Vigil to be held outside the Million Paws Walk on May 19.

We will mourn the death of Max and thousands of other innocents, and  encourage the RSPCA to see that it must change its ways.

Geoff Davidson,


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2 responses to “RSPCA vigil will mark pet deaths

  1. sharon chamberlain vet nurse , trainer behaviour consultant

    Well done Geoff , its time the RSPCA was a no kill shelter, in W.A. its the only shelter that kills healthy animals, based on temperament tests . All the others are mostly run by volunteers with fund raising and yet they never have to euthanise anything thats not ill, and none of there dogs are out attacking people or have a higher rate of returned dogs . Kill shelters need to be held accountable and only the public can demand this. I will not be attending the million paws walk either. I now work voluntary in private rescues and I can sleep at night not worrying about animals up for the so called temperament tests, that have been proved to be ineffective. Animals in shelters do not behave the same once they are in private homes, it is a totally different environment ergo different behaviour.

  2. Anne

    Sharon I agree with you wholly and solely I am appalled at the stories I hear about the RSPCA! ??Don’t those initials stand for ROYAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS!!!! Doesn’t sound like they are caring for the animals at all.From stories I have heard I would NEVER!! trust them at with any animal They are totally repulsive to me.

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