Poll: law changes will not stop puppy farms: Breeders

Maitland Mercury  EMMA SWAIN; May 23, 2013

Changes to animal welfare laws across NSW may sound the death knell for registered dog breeders across the Hunter Valley and do little to stop the practice of puppy farms, breeders have warned.

Brandy Hill dog breeder Debbie O’Donnell has joined a groundswell of Dogs NSW members calling for the NSW government to reconsider its newly released Companion Animal Taskforce and to exempt purebred breeders from the recommendations.
The breeders believe the recommendations – which include the separation of male and female dogs – will eventually force dog breeders out of existence.

“If the NSW government is serious about reducing the number of pets being euthanased in pounds and shelters then it needs to move the focus from the easy target of registered breeders, who are not part of the problem, to those people producing over 80 per cent of the total dogs born in NSW each year,” Ms O’Donnell, a breeder of Australian shepherds and miniature pinschers for six years, said.

“Members of the public may think these recommendations will put an end to puppy farms but the sad fact is that there is nothing in this proposed legislation that will shut these large-scale commercial breeders down.

“These businesses will flourish as smaller registered breeders are forced out of existence by over-regulation.”

The Companion Animal Taskforce is primarily responsible for recommending ways to decrease the euthanasia rates of companion animals in NSW.

“The NSW government needs to stop wasting time and money chasing the wrong people and instead focus on enforcing existing laws in order to have an immediate effect on companion animal euthanasia rates in NSW,” Ms O’Donnell said.

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