World wide failure of Breed Specific Legislation

National Canine Research Council

In the last two decades of the 20th century, communities – even countries – began passing laws that regulated, or banned, dogs based upon their breed or appearance.

These laws break our bond with man’s best friend. Dogs are sometimes seized and killed for no other reason
than their appearance. Animal shelters destroy countless thousands or millions of dogs, rather than attempt to
place them in loving homes. Pet owners may face the grisly choice of submitting to expensive and onerous
requirements, giving up their homes and moving, or turning over a cherished family companion for destruction.

Some governments have stubbornly persisted with such laws, focusing on the dog and its breed, rather than
the dog and its relationship with human beings, despite the documented failure of breed specific legislation
(BSL) to produce the intended outcome, a reduction of dog bite incidents.

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There is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog
is more likely to bite or injure a human being than
another kind of dog; xiii and in no event should dogs
be characterized apart from their relationships with
human beings. We call on all communities and
nations to recognize these fundamental truths; to
honor the special relationship between dogs and
human beings; to repeal cruel and ineffective breed
specific regulations; and to hold all owners to a high
standard of humane care, custody and control of all
dogs, regardless of breed or type.



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3 responses to “World wide failure of Breed Specific Legislation

  1. selwyn marock

    The only solution is to VOTE neo -Nazi politicos out of positions of power,w irrespective of which political party they belong.

  2. Jan Baker

    Dogs should not be judged on what breed they are…if we were to put our view forward regarding colour or race of humans we would be regarded as Racists…..well what is the difference with dogs….we are being racist with BSL…any dog will bite if treated the wrong way…there are people out there that should never own a dog whatever breed it is…..if there is a pack of dogs ANY dogs that can be disaster….but it is people who have to be responsible for owning a dog…..BSL will never work so get rid of it….

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