Poll finds most would pay higher rates to save abandoned animals

Blacktown Sun, Thursday 1 August 2013, Nick Soon

AN overwhelming 98 per cent of some 2500 people have said they would pay an extra $5 in their council rates for their pound to stop killing pets, says a national online poll.

The poll was conducted by Sydney animal rescue group, Pound Rounds Inc, for about three weeks and ended last Friday, July 19.

The question asked was: ‘‘Would you be happy to pay your council an extra $5 per year, per household, to turn your pound into a No Kill one for your community pets?’’.

Public officer Melanie Norman called on Blacktown Council to stop perpetuating the myth of blaming the “irresponsible public” and claiming any levy or change would unfairly “transfer the burden”.

‘‘The irresponsible public is an easy myth to expose using Blacktown — NSW’s largest council impounding facility — as an example,’’ she said.

‘‘Just 0.46 per cent of their population say they may leave a dog to be killed in a pound.

‘‘We accept and pay for the consequences of a small portion of the population’s actions in every part of life.

‘‘They include hospitals, nursing home care, parks, police, disabled access ramps, all of which you may never use personally.

‘‘So councillors please stop saying it, it’s unfounded and dishonest,’’ she said in a letter to Blacktown Council.

Ms Norman was responding to deputy mayor Russ Dickens, the chairman of  the Council Urban Animals Advisory Sub-committee.

He said it was unfair for those who didn’t have pets to pay $5 extra and the council would prefer to fund its no kill facility plan.

Ms Norman said her proposal would be like ‘‘paying for graffiti we didn’t write to be removed, paying for the local library we don’t use, paying for a parkland we don’t enjoy, supporting a children’s hospitals for other people’s children and prison populations that are paid for by everyone to the tune of $100,000 per annum per prisoner’’.

You can view the full results of the poll onhttp://www.facebook.com/PoundRoundsAustralia.

Original here


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