NSW strata title law reform proposal means optimistic news for pets…..

Strata Title Law Reform;  Strata & Community Title; Law Reform Position Paper Nov 2013

 Extract from position paper

“4.7       Amend the current residential model by-laws to allow pet ownership with permission, which can not unreasonably be refused and also provide that certain small pets can be kept without permission.

The current model by-laws include three options for regulating pet ownership in schemes. One of these options is to impose a total ban on pet ownership.

It is proposed to replace the current options with a single by-law that will allow certain pets (that is, cats, small dogs, birds and fish) to be kept without permission and all other pets with permission, which cannot unreasonably be refused. Reasonable grounds for an owners corporation to refuse permission might include that the pet is likely to impact other lot owners’ use or enjoyment of their lot or the common property.

There was a strong view in the submissions that pet ownership was unreasonably restricted in many strata schemes. This is a particular problem for pet owners looking to buy or rent a unit. It is thought that by changing the model by-laws, more and more schemes will allow pets to be kept over time.

It is important to note that schemes will still be able to ban pets or certain types of pets if they wish to do so.”

Full position paper available here: http://www.stratachoice.com.au/files/pdfs/72323_Position%20Paper%20-%20Strata%20Title%20Law%20Reform.pdf


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