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Sunday Tasmanian Pet Column, Anne Boxhall, Feb 7th 2016

This little terrier huddled in the wheel arch of a parked car, terrified by recent thunder storms in Hobart.

It took one hour and the combined efforts of three concerned passers-by over to prise her out of the under carriage of the car, dry her off and calm her down. Good food, good company and a night’s sleep restored her spirits and happily she was reunited with her grateful owner 24 hours later.

On the day of the thunderstorms, the Tasmanian Lost Pets Register Facebook page displayed more than 80 posts on lost dogs, found dogs, dog sightings and deceased animals killed on the roads.

Manager of the Lost Pets Register Toni Johnstone says online activity that day was on a par with News Year’s Eve when large numbers of dogs were panicked by fireworks. The noise of thunder and fireworks can cause panic in even the most laid-back of dogs. Adrenalin kicks in and animals jump fences they wouldn’t normally be able to scale.

Dogs flee in fear and some have been known to swim far out to sea, necessitating rescue by boat. Tethered dogs have been known to twist on their collar and choke.

So the clear message this Regatta Day fireworks weekend is – keep your dog safely confined inside on Monday night.

To post on lost or found pets, message the Register at www.facebook.com/Tasmanianlostpets  The Lost Pets Register is operated entirely by a team of unsung volunteers who handle around 1,000 lost and found posts per month across the state, reuniting many dogs and owners along the way. The team also provide a range of resources relating to lost and found pets and their valuable work has been recognised with a grant from RACT Community Fund.


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