Companion Animal News (CAN)  is a nation-wide log of media news articles related to any aspect of the killing of healthy companion animals in Pounds and Shelters. Occasional articles are published by various media but are then hard to locate at a later date. We invite readers to review the posts and if they see any article in National or local newspapers, journals, radio etc to please contact us at info@deathrowpets.net with the title of the article, the publication. the date, the author and the web link, and we will post the article on this site.

We hope this site will serve as a useful inventory of media articles and notices for concerned people working to stop the killing.  Australia wide.


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  1. Jan Ireland

    ….is quite animal rights sounding, not animal welfare, meaning this sounds like it steps way over the bounds. Wonder how this will be inforced? I have a large yard, so to make a blanket statement about walking a dog…..really. So if a person does not walk their dog, what, every day, twice a day, 3 times a week, the dog is taken…… and killed? The owner goes to jail?

    • Mel

      Yes Jan – you should go to jail and someone should kill your dog; all because you did not take it for a walk…..

      Really? You got that comment from what is written here? Animal welfare is about animal rights – fortunately it’s not about locking people up even for dumb comments.

      Glad to hear you have a large yard and glad to hear you have a dog and you both have time to visit this site 🙂

  2. Hello

    I am a little confused as to how you would like me to submit articles; I notice you also have press releases on your site?

  3. companionanimalnews

    HOW TO CONTACT US: If you see any article in National or local newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, etc that we have missed, please contact us at :


    with 1)the title of the article, 2) the publication name. 3)the date, 4)the author and 4)the web link to the article, and we will post the article on this site.

    If you cant locate the above, send us a LEGIBLE and not-locked pdf.

    Thank you!

  4. Heather Harrison

    Whilst this is a step in the right direction, this council needs to be educated on the benefits of trying to re-home the dogs and cats which are unlucky enough to come into their pound. Euthanising a high percentage of companion animals is NOT the way to go, and with a little effort on their behalf, many of these creatures will find happy loving homes again. Advertising in the local paper is a good way to start in advising people which dogs and cats are available for adoption at a reasonable cost.

  5. i notice weekly in the local papers adds for multiple oodles and kits that are obviously breeders, not so called registered, and believe some are from puppy farmers(or kit farmers) i live in nsw and no oscars law organised group here. what do you suggest? have also seen the work of newcastle dog rescue( i think that the name) who recently due to diligence got mrs horrible hudson of kindee kennels into court and prosecuted for the cruelty she caused many dogs to suffer. how can i use this site to help??

  6. Thanks for caring for Dogs and Cats.

  7. Where or who can I contact to adopt a rescued puppy mill dog… I live in Tasmania.. please email me if anyone knows

  8. Carol Foley

    It’s up to everyone to care for our animals, they have feelings like us and they know what is happening.They give us loyalty, and unconditional love why can’t we do the same for them. Please stop the puppy mills.

  9. i have always owned rescue dogs, cats and horses but i have recently become aware that there are companion birds out there which also need to be re-homed. backyard breeders are as busy as ever hand rearing parrots and selling them at local markets. 706 companion birds came from domestic situations through RSPCA Wacol centre last year. approx 103 were surrendered by owners. parrots may end up having numerous owners due to there longevity. i applaud those who rescue birds and provide them with secure homes where they can safely fly and have company.

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