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The Sunday Tasmanian Oct 23 2016 Anne Boxhall column

Eight weeks ago, NSW Premier Mike Baird wrote this: “When it comes to the greyhound ban, I am more concerned with doing the right thing than chasing votes. If there was any way we could have rehabilitated the industry we would have…this is an industry with no chance of rehabilitation.”

A Special Commission of Inquiry delivered a damning report after 13 months of investigation, 151,000 pages of evidence, 115 hours of video evidence, 804 submissions and 69 individual testimonies. The decision to ban greyhound racing was made on the evidence. The sheer scale of animal suffering and death put greyhound racing into a league of its own. The industry has repeatedly said it is committed improving animal welfare but has consistently failed to deliver.

A recent RSPCA poll found that 64 per cent of the public in NSW and ACT supported the ban on greyhound racing. With a ban being the only thing guaranteeing animals protection from cruelty, the recent repeal of the ban is one in a regrettably long line of flaky capitulations.

Disappointingly, this time it was Baird giving in to media and party pressure and saving his own skin. Instead, huge amounts of public money will now be needed to enforce new rules upon an industry that no longer has a social licence.

Tainted by the use of drugs, live baiting, the amount of animal suffering and wastage involved in generating huge profits for a select few, the majority are turning away from this industry. Interest in greyhound racing is in decline worldwide.

Eventually compassion will prevail and greyhound racing will end in this country too. One day these dogs will no longer be sporting commodities. For more on the repeal of the greyhound racing ban visit


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Greyhound Ban

Sunday Tasmanian – Pet Column, Anne Boxhall,  July 17th

The decision to ban greyhound racing in New South Wales has generated lively social media in recent weeks.

Inevitably, those owners and trainers who haven’t been breaking the rules are venting widely. Their anger would be best directed towards those in their own industry whose cruel practices led to the ban in the first place.

Premier Mike Baird was well aware that for too long, too many people knew what was going on and didn’t do enough to reform greyhound racing even though the industry had many chances to reform itself.

The NSW special commission uncovered systemic cruelty, intentional deception and illegal activity. Even after the Four Corners investigation and with full knowledge of the inquiry, the commission’s report found trainers were still using live baiting and flouting the rules.

It’s widely held that this culture of deception and mistreatment of dogs runs too deep right across Australia and other states must follow New South Wale’s lead. Premier Baird admirably banned the industry rather than derive gambling revenue from such shameful animal welfare practices.

Meanwhile some within the industry are claiming alarm at the prospect of greyhounds being killed due to the ban. Are these the very same owners and trainers who have been insisting they love their greyhounds and that these dogs are part of their family? If so, why not simply keep their dogs.

Bear in mind that if lives were lost as a result of the shutdown, it would be a very small fraction compared to the lives lost if the industry had continued.

For any doubters, the full review is available here:  Strategies for rehoming existing racing dogs will be in play over the next twelve months enabling many more people to be smitten by the considerable charms of pet greyhounds.

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SMH Dec 8 2013 Natalie O’Brien

Thousands of healthy greyhound puppies are disappearing, presumed killed, every year, but their deaths are not reported or investigated by the $144 million greyhound racing industry.

Shocking details about puppy farming and the mass killing of the pups have emerged as a record number of people and organisations told a NSW parliamentary inquiry about the dark practices of the greyhound industry.

In one submission, a former industry participant, who did not want to be identified because he said he feared for his safety, said: “I actually found a brown sack one day, when washing my hands in the river that ran through the property, full of dead newborn pups.”

In 2011, up to 3440 puppies were born in registered litters but disappeared before they were named. Naming is a prerequisite for the dogs to race. READ MORE HERE


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Put an end to greyhound racing

Illawarra Mercury  INEZ HAMILTON-SMITH; April 15, 2013

While you were at home this past Wednesday evening, maybe cooking a nice meal or relaxing watching the TV, greyhounds were racing at various tracks around Australia. These dogs were literally running for their lives. Some didn’t make it.

At the Dapto greyhound track, three greyhounds lost their lives.

The first greyhound that died was Shez’s Way. She was a 19-month-old black greyhound.

This was her very first race. Something happened at the first turn and Shez’s Way stopped running. The track vet inspected her and found she had a serious fractured leg. Serious enough that she wouldn’t race again. When you are a greyhound and you can’t race, you are generally considered worthless. Shez’s Way was put to sleep.  READ MORE HERE


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Vet questions integrity reforms

SMH; Aug 12, 2012


Old days revisited … the veterinarian Ted Humphries fears corruption in the sport. Photo: Janie Barrett

IT WAS 1995 when the vet Ted Humphries blew the lid on corruption in the greyhound racing industry. Within days of his interview on ABC TV’s 7.30 Report, the Greyhound Racing Control Board sent a letter to racing clubs in an attempt to derail his disclosures, rather than address the problems he raised.

The letter, dated August 29 that year, expressed deep concern about tension at the Wentworth Park track because of his allegations. READ MORE HERE

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Greyhounds killed if they don’t perform

ABC AM with Tony Eastley; Timothy McDonald; Friday, November 9, 2012

TONY EASTLEY: Tonight at venues around the country greyhounds will jump from their starting boxes and race around a track as money is wagered on which is the fastest animal.

Winners will be applauded and rewarded. There’ll be a good feed and a warm bed afterwards.

However for some of the dogs who are disappointing it might be the end of the road.

Greyhound racing’s governing body now admits 3,000 dogs are put down every year in New South Wales alone. Animal welfare groups are appalled. READ MORE HERE


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Abandoned to die, imported greyhound languishes in cage at IGI Airport

Times of India, Dec 12 2011

NEW DELHI: After spending several hours inside the cargo hold area of an aircraft as it flew from Australia to India, a greyhound landed at Delhi’s IGI Airport on November 1.

Almost 40 days later, the dog remains cooped up inside a wire cage at the airport’s cargo terminal, refused an NOC by the Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS) and abandoned by his importer. He is finally expected to be taken in by the Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for animals on Saturday. READ MORE HERE


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