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Temp tested into the kill zone: shaping the future a conversation about canine behaviour evaluations.

Veterinary behaviourist Kirsty Seksel says : “the sad reality is that many of the dogs relinquished to these groups (Rescue Groups) are not suitable for rehoming and should be euthenased in the interest of the long term welfare of the dog. Unfortunately there is little if no expertise in many of these groups to assess the suitability of these dogs for rehoming purposes”

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Ms Seksel is CEO of ACAC ( Australian Companion Animal Council)



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Pet Project

Dubbo Week-ender July 14 2012


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key words: declining owned pet population, ACAC, pets in aged care, irresponsible pet ownership, Dubbo NSW

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Death of the Australian Dream as pets pay the price

Domain, Katherine Feeney; September 15, 2011

It’s not just houses among gum trees on ¼ acre blocks under threat from the supposed death of the Australian Dream; a report shows man’s best friend is also victim to a shift in where and how we live.

Dog and cat ownership is down across Australia, according to a report from the Australian Companion Animal Council that found high-density living, changing lifestyles and government legislation to blame.

The ACAC paper found that in the past decade Australia’s dog population has decreased by at least 14per cent and its cat population has dropped by about 10 per cent, as latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows a decline in the rate of home ownership and rise human population. READ MORE HERE


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Australian Companion Animal Council wants pets evacuated in disasters

Herald Sun; AAP Feb 8, 2011

THE idea of leaving a child behind when you were evacuating your home because of an impending natural disaster is beyond comprehension.

For many people, the idea of leaving a loved pet behind because the evacuation centre won’t accept animals, has recently put them in the same quandary. READ MORE HERE


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