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Bill calls for ban on pet shops selling cats, dogs

Canberra Times, Lisa Cox; February 16, 2012

The sale of cats and dogs in Canberra pet shops could be banned, following a second attempt by the ACT Greens to make changes to animal welfare legislation.

Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur proposed new laws in the ACT assembly yesterday that would restrict the sale of cats and dogs to licensed breeders, animal welfare organisations and the government’s Domestic Animal Services Agency.

The bill is a simplified version of a similar proposal tabled by the Greens last year that failed to win support from either the government or the ACT Liberals. READ MORE HERE



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Greens (ACT) call on dog-loving MLAs’ support for Bill

MEDIA RELEASE; 15 February 2012 

Caroline Le Couteur MLA, ACT Greens Spokesperson for TAMS

 Greens call on dog-loving MLAs’ support for Bill

The Greens will table a bill today which addresses unregulated and inhumane breeding and selling of cats and dogs in the ACT.

“We have to act to reduce the abandonment, suffering and euthanizing of thousands of animals in Canberra every year,” Greens TAMS spokesperson, Caroline Le Couteur MLA, said today.

Tragically, the TAMS Domestic Animal Service euthanised 210 dogs in 2010/11, and the RSPCA was also forced to euthanise 105 dogs and 825 cats. READ MORE


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