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Hodgkinson in hot water

The Daily Advertiser, July 19, 2013,

MINISTER for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson will be asked to make a public apology after likening animal liberationists to terrorists.

Yesterday at the NSW Farmers Association general meeting Ms Hodgkinson came out swinging when talking about animal rights groups which covertly film piggeries to monitor the welfare of animals. 

It didn’t take long for her comments to reach the ears of welfare organisations. Her comments have been slammed as “baseless, outrageous and highly offensive”.

During her address  Ms Hodgkinson pointed the finger at Animals Australia.

“We have to win the fight on this one and we have to keep putting it up to city people that may not necessarily understand our farming practices and how important they are, that they can not support these groups such as Animals Australia and can not support what they’re doing,” she said.  READ MORE HERE


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A vision for the future??

Sunday Tasmanian – Pet Column for 31st March

How about this as a vision for the future? Not only are we caring about the cute animals that share our lives, we’re caring about them all. High standards of care and protection for all animals is accepted by the majority of the population, politicians, legislators and authorities. Strong and practical animal welfare legislation is in place nationally and supported in law.

An official public database provides access to procedures for delivering good animal welfare outcomes. Animal lawyers defend mistreated animals and confirm high standards of animal welfare to the public. This is the vision of Antione Goetschel, the world’s first lawyer for animals who will be speaking in Hobart on April 29th. READ MORE HERE

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Conference tackles animal cruelty

Newcastle Herald; JANEK SPEIGHT; Dec. 30, 2012,

ANIMAL rescue groups from around the state will converge in the Hunter in 2013 to address what they believe are alarming rates of animal cruelty in the region.

The Rescuers and Advocates Companion Animal Conference will be held in February at Warners Bay and aims to educate people on how to participate in animal rescue, how to find foster families for pets and how to work with media, council and vets.

Dog Rescue Newcastle founder Sue Barker, who  will speak on the day, said there was a big concern about overpopulation and euthanasia rates of animals in the Hunter.

‘‘Our councils aren’t doing anything to reduce rates, especially concerning backyard breeders,’’ she said. ‘‘We’re constantly busy. Sometimes we’re getting six to eight animals in a day. READ MORE HERE


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Your 46 dogs are family, rules sheriff

The Scotsman, By FRANK URQUHART; Wednesday 26 September 2012 

Andrew Debidin has been allowed to keep his 46 German Shepherds

Andrew Debidin has been allowed to keep his 46 German Shepherds

A SHERIFF has allowed a former celebrity hairdresser to continue living with his 46 German shepherd dogs, because she says they constitute his family under human rights legislation.

Moray Council was bidding to impose an antisocial behaviour order on Andrew Debidin, the “leader of the pack” to the dogs he sleeps with every night.

Mr Debidin, 58, a former Vidal Sassoon hairdresser, turned his back on his career 30 years ago to devote his life to the huge pack of dogs in his care.

He now resides with them in an “unusual family life” in a caravan within a five-and-a-half acre compound at Woodhead of Mayen, near the village of 

Last year, the council mounted a legal bid to obtain an Asbo which would have forced Mr Debidin to get rid of all but four of his pack of alsatians after neighbours claimed the dogs’ barking was causing them “alarm and distress”. READ MORE HERE

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Us and them…..

Sunday Tasmanian; by columnist Anne Boxall, Sunday 2nd September, 2012, Pet Column

There is no debate over whether the human race’s treatment of animals is ethical or not.

It’s unethical and we know it. The question is just how much injustice do we want to partake in?

This is the question Australian journalist and published writer Anna Krien raises in her work Us and Them – On the Importance of Animals (Quarterly Essay No 45, March 2012). It’s a powerful read which tests our personal limits as to what’s okay and what’s not in the treatment of animals as well as highlighting our contradictory relationships with them. READ MORE HERE


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Moore breaks down over ‘get Clover’ bill

Alicia Wood The Daily Telegraph April 04, 2012

CLOVER Moore was overcome with emotion as she fronted her first press conference since the government passed a law known within parliament as the “get Clover” bill.

Last night, the Upper House approved the “dual role” law change, meaning that Clover Moore would be forced to choose between representing Sydney as an MP, or being the Lord Mayor of the city of Sydney.

She stressed that it was not a choice she wanted to make. READ MORE HERE

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Call for govt, RSPCA to step in

The Daily Examiner, David Bancroft | 14th January 2012

AN apparent jump in the number of cases of animal cruelty on the North Coast has prompted animal welfare groups to call for better resources for enforcement.

A three-month-old pup found abandoned recently on the Woodenbong tip is returning to health.

AN apparent jump in the number of cases of animal cruelty on the North Coast has prompted animal welfare groups to call for better resources for enforcement.

Grafton Animal Rescue and the Lismore-based Animal Rights and Rescue Group say the NSW Government and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) had a responsibility to improve policing and prosecution of acts of animal cruelty.

Pam Holmes from Grafton Animal Rescue said she was aware of two recent acts of animal cruelty in Grafton, one this week where neighbours reported a dog screaming in pain. READ MORE HERE

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